2016 Product Preview

2016 New Guitar & Bass Preview!

Check out the new stuff from ESP, ESP E-II, and LTD

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for guitar and bass players who can’t wait to find out what kind of cool instruments are heading their way! Take a look at what we have in store for 2016.

New Artist Signature Series Models

Let’s kick off this new product preview with an exciting announcement. The newest member of the ESP artist family is the legendary Glenn Tipton of Judas Priest, and he has a Signature Series model being introduced for 2016. The LTD GT-600 is based on the ESP Viper shape, and includes 24 frets, two custom EMG Glenn Tipton 81 active pickups, a chrome pickguard and truss cover, and a Kahler tremolo. More info on Glenn’s exciting addition to the ESP family coming soon!

Other new Signature Series artists include Alan Ashby (Of Mice & Men), who has customized a TE Series guitar for the LTD AA-600. Mille Petrozza (Kreator) has put together a daring V-shaped model with Fishman Fluence pickups, a Floyd Rose, and glow-in-the-dark side dots with the E-II MK-1 and the LTD MK-600. Marco Mendoza (Dead Daisies) joins ESP’s lineup of Signature Series bass artists with the LTD MM-4 FM, styled on the ESP Vintage-4 and including EMG X-Series pickups and a Hipshot drop tuner. Another longtime ESP player, Ted Aguilar (Death Angel), designed the LTD TED-600 which is based on the Eclipse shape and stands out with a Snow White finish and white components/hardware.

Two of ESP’s most iconic players, James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett of Metallica, also have new Signature Series models coming out in 2016. We can’t tell you the details about these guitars just yet, since they’re in the final stages of development. Around the time of the NAMM Show in late January, be prepared for some very exciting news about these new guitars that are scheduled for release in early 2016.

More of ESP’s current lineup of Signature Series guitars and basses also received some updates. George Lynch is an iconic player who has been attached to ESP for over two decades, and two new models are being debuted: the GL-200 Sunburst Tiger is being offered in the LTD Series for the first time, and the spectacular new LTD Burnt Tiger guitar offers a carved body with a tiger design and a burned-in logo. Alex Skolnick (Testament), who joined the ESP family in 2013, has updated his signature models with the ESP Alex Skolnick FR and the LTD AS-1FR FM. Both new models feature a flamed maple top in Black Aqua Sunburst finish and a Floyd Rose tremolo. Phenomenal player Andy James’s Signature Series has grown with the new ESP E-II AJ-EC-7, which (as the name implies) is a seven-string guitar that makes use of the single-cutaway EC shape.

Alex Wade, Ben Savage, and Zach Householder of Whitechapel have also made significant updates to their respective models with the LTD AW-7B, LTD BS-7B QM, and LTD ZH-EC7B QM. All three are seven-string models at 26.5” baritone scale, and outstanding new finishes. It’s a similar story for Buz McGrath and Ken Susi of Unearth with the LTD BUZ-7QM and LTD KS-M7 ET, whose new seven-string guitars offer features like Fishman Fluence pickups and an EverTune bridge on Ken’s model, along with great new finishes and tonewoods.

One of ESP’s most highly-respected players, Stephen Carpenter of Deftones, has updated the seven-string LTD SC-607B and the eight-string LTD SC-608B to also include Fishman Fluence pickups. One of the most original and outrageous new Signature Series models comes courtesy of ESP player Max Cavalera (Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, and Killer Be Killed) with the LTD MAX-200 RPR which sports an entirely new bevel-edged body shape. Michael “Whip” Wilton of Queensrÿche has helped create the MW-TRIRYCHE, a guitar with graphics and inlays that help commemorate the 25th anniversary of his band’s classic album Empire. Not to be left out, the frontman and bassist of one of metal’s “Big 4”, Tom Araya of Slayer, has completely updated his signature basses to become even more menacing with the ESP Tom Araya FRX, the LTD TA-604 FRX, and TA-204 FRX. Last but certainly not least, Will Adler (Lamb of God) has a new version of his ESP Will Adler Warbird and LTD WA-WARBIRD with Fishman Fluence pickups.

New ESP Original, ESP USA, and ESP E-II Models

As most of you are aware, ESP Original, ESP USA, and ESP E-II are our premier-level brands that are made for the highest end of the guitar and bass playing and collecting market. All ESP Original instruments are made by hand at our Japan Custom Shop, while ESP USA models are crafted at our North Hollywood, CA facility. ESP E-II guitars and basses are made in our Japan factory by ESP luthiers. ESP Original, ESP USA, and E-II are, simply, the best of the best.

For 2016 in the ESP Original Series, the ESP Arrow will be available in the USA this year, offered in a magnificent Black Andromeda finish. The Horizon-I returns to the ESP line in a Deep Candy Apple Red finish, with the new Horizon-II NT being offered in Black, and the new Horizon-III available in Pearl White Gold. The M-II CTM is a new version of the classic ESP Mirage in Black finish. Another model available in the USA for the first time, the ESP Snapper, is a high-performance take on a classic look, and is being offered in exciting finishes and feature sets with the Snapper AL (Brass Red), the Snapper AS (Burner), the Snapper AL FR (Ice White), the Snapper CTM (Aqua Marine), and the Snapper CTM24 FR (See Thru Black). Also, the exciting ESP Stream GT is new to the USA, and is being made in three versions: the Stream GT CTM (Antique Sunburst), the Stream GT Classic (Supreme Blue), and the Stream GT STD (Titan Metal).

We’ve also made additions and updates to the ESP USA Series. The M-II NTB is a neck-thrubody design in outstanding Sapphire Black, Pearl White, and Cobalt Blue finishes, with high-end components like EMG Metalworks 81/85-X pickups. New finishes and design changes for other ESP USA models include the USA M-III (Purple Sunburst finish), the USA Eclipse (Emerald Green Sunburst with quilted maple top), and the USA Horizon-II (Amber Cherry Sunburst with flamed maple top).

For the last two years, the ESP E-II Series has gained more and more acceptance into the musical community, to the point that many of our well-known artists are choosing and using E-II models for their most important work in the studio and on the stage. ESP E-II are guitars and basses made in ESP’s exclusive Tokyo factory, and replaced the former “ESP Standard” series in 2014. For 2016, ESP has debuted the E-II Arrow-7, a seven-string version of the exciting Arrow design. The E-II EC-BB has great-looking thick silver painted binding on its Black Satin finish, and the new E-II EX-NT is a powerful new guitar that uses the EX shape. The new Horizon FR-II and Horizon NT-II join the E-II Series with quilted maple tops in amazing See Thru Black Sunburst and Tiger Eye Sunburst finishes. As its name implies, the new E-II M-II Neck Thru offers a neck-thru-body design and is available in Black and Urban Camo finishes. The E-II M-II Seven and MR Seven are also new additions to this high-performance guitar series. Also, there’s a new Tea Sunburst finish for the E-II ST-1. More additions to the ESP E-II Series include the Stream G, a guitar that takes advantage of the great curves of the Stream design.

Three other new ESP E-II models are being debuted as a direct result of the popular demand of ESP customers. The E-II SV is being offered in White and Black finishes with contrasting striping. This guitar features an alder body, a 24-fret ebony fingerboard, binding on the neck and headstock, dual EMG 81 pickups, and an Original Floyd Rose tremolo. The E-II V-II STD is a Vshaped guitar with high-end appointments like its ebony fingerboard, an EMG 81/85 pickup set, and a TonePros Tuneomatic bridge. Finally, the E-II Viper Baritone offers a 27" scale with setthru construction, a 24-fret ebony fingerboard, and an EMG 81/85 pickup set, and comes in a great-looking Charcoal Metallic Satin finish.

Great New Basses for 2016

Some people still haven’t heard the news, but it’s true: ESP has seen its reputation as a builder of high-quality basses at all price points grow rapidly over the past few years, forming new associations with renowned players like Rocco Prestia, Bunny Brunel, and many others. While ESP basses are used in ever genre of music from reggae to funk to jazz to pop and much more, we find that we’re more popular than ever before as the #1 choice for metal bass players around the world.

Topping the list of the new bass models is the LTD B-1004SE Multi-Scale and the B-1005SE Multi-Scale, two special edition basses that use a special fret design to optimize string tension and ergonomics. The new Multi-Scale basses have rosewood tops, 24 extra-jumbo frets on rosewood fingerboards, and world-class components including Nordstrand Big Splits pickups, Hipshot Solo bridge, and ESP Designed 3-band active EQ. With a standard fret layout and a great looking bubinga top, the new special edition LTD B-1004SE and B-1005SE also make use of Nordstrand pickups. Brand new to LTD are the H Series special edition basses with the H-1004SE and H-1005SE. They are based on the coveted ESP Horizon bass, but use burled maple tops in a Honey Natural finish, along with Nordstrand Big Splits pickups.

The popular LTD B Series also grew in the value-packed “200 Series” with the B-204SM, B-205SM, and B-206SM, which are respective 4-, 5-, and 6-string basses that look amazing with spalted maple tops and See Thru Black Satin finishes. The Stream bass series, a recent addition to LTD, has grown with the professional-focused Stream-1004, Stream-1005, and the affordable Stream-205. ESP’s E-II bass brand has also grown with the addition of the Stream- SL5, a five-string bass at 35” scale with a larger body than the previous version, and is being made in Deep Red Metallic Satin and Snow White finishes.

Another new bass series debuted for 2016 is the LTD AP-204, a modernized update of a classic shape for contemporary music styles, available in Charcoal Metallic and Burgundy Burst finishes. Finally, the RB-1004SM and RB-1005SM, basses designed in conjunction with the legendary Rocco Prestia (Tower of Power), are now offered in a new See Thru Red finish.

New and Updated LTD “400 Series” Guitars

Since the introduction of ESP’s LTD brand in 1995, the “400 Series” guitars have remained among the most popular, and have maintained a well-deserved reputation for both high quality and excellent value. Catering to professionals and serious enthusiasts alike, we’ve upped the ante with some great “400 Series” additions for 2016.

The LTD EC-401FR is equipped with a Floyd Rose tremolo, offers set-thru construction, and includes an EMG 60/81 pickup set. Also in the EC shape, the EC-401 will now be available in a Military Green Satin finish. The LTD EX-401 is the result of ESP customers asking for an upgrade to the popular EX shape. It includes a set-thru heel joint for greater fret access and comfortable playability. For even more extreme playing styles, the EX-401FR adds a Floyd Rose tremolo.

The new LTD H-401QM offers a high-quality way to get into the H Series without breaking the bank, with a quilted maple top, hard tail bridge, and offset stripe inlays. Two new additions to the M Series have joined the 400 Series with the M-400 Maple and M-400 Rosewood, which offer great-looking metallic finishes and Floyd Rose tremolos on a bolt-on neck design, with respective Seymour Duncan and EMG pickups. The new LTD MS-400 offers a killer-looking multi-swirl finish. Upgraded hardware and pickups and sumptuous quilted maple tops are the focus of the new LTD MH-401FR QM (with Floyd Rose tremolo) and MH-401NT models. The MH-427 is a monster guitar with neck-thru-body design and a special fingerboard setup that provides 27 extra-jumbo frets in the highest pitch register.

LTD’s new TE-401, TE-401FM, and seven-string TE-417 are a whole new contemporary take on a classic design, with modern touches like set-thru construction, tilt-back headstock, and smooth elbow contouring. With the new V-401, players can expect professional performance at a price they can afford, in a guitar with new inlay designs, neck and body binding, black pickguard, and black hardware. Finally, the LTD Viper-401 offers the menacing double-cutaway shape that ESP fans love, along with upgraded construction and components, in great Black and Military Green Satin finishes.

New and Updated LTD “200 Series” Guitars

Designed for intermediate-level players and other budget-minded musicians, the LTD “200 Series” is a huge step up from beginner’s guitars, which has made them among the best-selling guitar models for ESP.

Two new “200 Series” models have been added to the “F Series”. The LTD F-200B is a baritone guitar (27” scale) with 24 frets and bolt-on construction, providing an affordable solution for thousands of metal and hard rock players who want to get into an extended range guitar. The LTD F-200FR also features the angular curves of the F shape in a standard scale model with a Floyd Rose tremolo. Another highly anticipated baritone guitar is the LTD Viper-200B, which features the cool double-cutaway styling of the Viper model in a 27” scale guitar that’s priced for almost any musician.

LTD’s recently-announced SN Series now has five new guitars in the affordable “200 Series”. These guitars combine traditional shapes with modern design touches and performance tools. The LTD SN-200FR Maple is available in Black Cherry Metallic Satin and Charcoal Metallic finishes, and includes Floyd Rose tremolos and ESP Designed pickups. The same models are available with a rosewood fingerboard in the SN-200 Rosewood, which come in Metallic Silver and Black finishes. Similarly, the LTD SN-200W Maple features a Wilkinson tremolo, and comes in 3-Tone Sunburst or Snow White finishes, while the SN-200W Rosewood comes in Copper Sunburst finish. Another addition to the SN Series is the SN-200HT, a hardtail version of the guitar with string-thru-body design in Snow White finish.

The TE Series also has new choices in the 200 range. These guitars have been redesigned for modern performance vibe with an elbow cut and an angled headstock. The TE-200 Maple comes in See Thru Black Cherry or Black finishes, and provides a 24-fret, mahogany-bodied, fixed bridge solution to players who enjoy the TE vibe. The same goes for the TE-200 Rosewood, which comes in Tobacco Sunburst and Snow White finishes. Finally, the popular EC-200 model has been refreshed with a new See Thru Black Cherry Satin finish.

Even More New LTD Guitars: LTD Deluxe and More

We’re not done yet. 2016’s new guitar introductions also includes new models in the LTD “1000 Series” (aka LTD Deluxe) guitars. These models are fully ready for professional recording and touring applications, and include the new H-1000NT, H-1001FR, and SN-1000FR. Also, LTD’s group of guitars for beginning and budget-minded musicians have received updates with the new M-50NT, along with exciting new finishes for the H-101FM, H-51, EX-50, and M-50FR.

How To Get Them

If you’re interested in any of our new guitars and basses for 2016, just contact your authorized ESP dealer in the USA, or your ESP distributor in international areas. We’re confident that our new lineup for 2016 is among our finest ever, and offers the kind of variety that ensures there’s an ESP for every player, everywhere.