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hey just bought a ESP E-ii eclipse see through black cherry sunburst


Brendan Breakdown

Proud owner of new ESP E-II Eclipse! 


Very nice! How does it play and sound? Waiting on one currently. 

Brendan Breakdown

Plays great, sounds great. Taking it out on the road in April for 2 weeks. I’ll have more of a review then 


got any pics????


no pics?



Recently purchased a E II M II in the see thru Black finish. It is an awesome guitar. Played it at a an outdoor gig last Saturday. Four sets worth of music and didn't go out of tune once. Loving the sound, feel and looks of the guitar. Thinking that a E II Horizon may be in my future.


sweet, got any pics.  I just got a brand new ESP E2 M2 Urban Camo, my number 3 of this style, since my number 2 was stolen.  Here's a pic:

ESP E2 M2 Urban Camo

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