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hey just bought a ESP E-ii eclipse see through black cherry sunburst



sweet, got any pics.  I just got a brand new ESP E2 M2 Urban Camo, my number 3 of this style, since my number 2 was stolen.  Here's a pic:

ESP E2 M2 Urban Camo


Hey just got my second ESP E2 M2 Urban Camo Guitar and I freakin love it, the thing is a freaking shred machine, like the first one, the only difference in the two is the camo is a little different in some spots and the entire paint job is a little darker(greys and black). But I’ve inspected with a microscopic eye and couldn’t find any flaws.  It’s a quality instrument, just like the first one.  ESP rules!!

The “Twins”


Someone stole my number 2 guitar in this photo, had the balls to walk right into my house when someone was home and take the guitar, right outta my room.  I mean , I have insurance on it, but still, the sentimental value, each guitar is unique in its own way.  Now I have to order another one and get used to it and all it's little quirks and set-up measures, man, the nerve of some people.  Well at least I get to smell that new guitar case smell, you know when you open up the case and that new factory smell hits you!!


hey just bought an ESP E2 M2 Urban Camo and freakin love it, the thing is a shred machine.  The price wasn't that bad @1799.99.  It destroys all of my Ibanez guitars

Rob Marshall

Anyone have any E-II basses ?

Alperen G.

I have an FRX SW. Awesome guitar, perfect tone and playability. Wanna get a 7 string E-II, as well, though.

John L.

Just got the Arrow-7 string. Awesome guitar!

First 7-str. I have owned, and am suprised how quick I got used to the extra string, and slightly wider neck. 

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