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hey just bought a ESP E-ii eclipse see through black cherry sunburst



got any pics????


no pics?



Recently purchased a E II M II in the see thru Black finish. It is an awesome guitar. Played it at a an outdoor gig last Saturday. Four sets worth of music and didn't go out of tune once. Loving the sound, feel and looks of the guitar. Thinking that a E II Horizon may be in my future.


sweet, got any pics.  I just got a brand new ESP E2 M2 Urban Camo, my number 3 of this style, since my number 2 was stolen.  Here's a pic:

ESP E2 M2 Urban Camo


Hey just got my second ESP E2 M2 Urban Camo Guitar and I freakin love it, the thing is a freaking shred machine, like the first one, the only difference in the two is the camo is a little different in some spots and the entire paint job is a little darker(greys and black). But I’ve inspected with a microscopic eye and couldn’t find any flaws.  It’s a quality instrument, just like the first one.  ESP rules!!

The “Twins”


Someone stole my number 2 guitar in this photo, had the balls to walk right into my house when someone was home and take the guitar, right outta my room.  I mean , I have insurance on it, but still, the sentimental value, each guitar is unique in its own way.  Now I have to order another one and get used to it and all it's little quirks and set-up measures, man, the nerve of some people.  Well at least I get to smell that new guitar case smell, you know when you open up the case and that new factory smell hits you!!

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