Fans of the big four

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Fans of the big four

A group for fans of thrash everywhere; if you love metallica, anthrax, megadeth, slayer, or all of the above, this group's for you!


I think Slayer is my favorite followed by Megadeth then Metallica then Anthrax.  I play a lot of Megadeth though, and I play a lot of Slayer.  The Rust in Peace album is my favorite to play, holy wars, five Magics,  rust in peace...Polaris, hangar 18, lucretia, are a few I play off of that album.  Slayer, I play seasons, blood red, read between the lies, dead skin mask, skeletons of society, angel of death, war ensemble, divine intervention, dittohead, to name a few.  Metallica I play struggle within, crash course in brain surgery, the wait, enter sandman(duh), Orion, battery to name a few.  I don’t really know any anthrax songs to length, I know pieces of their songs belly of the beast, I can’t even name a few of their songs(duh)oh well, that’s all I got

Lewis F.

I was lucky enough to see all 4 in the 80's at L'Amours in Brooklyn that only seats 500!! I was in the mosh pit for Megadeath's Peace Sells video that was filmed at L'Amours. 

Zakk S.

I think megadeth is my fav of the 4 w anthrax a close 2nd

Rusty C.

anthrax could get you caught in a mosh

Rusty C.

i think slayer is the heaviest of the big 4

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