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We all agree that ESP make kick-ass guitars...

... But what are the tweaks, mods, improvements, quirks and little added extras that have made your already awesome guitar that much better? 

Share your ideas and any hurdles you may have faced in modding your instrument...

 keep rockin'

  • EspViper

    2004 ltd m50 

    mods - emg 81, carbon fiber pickguard, carbon fiber covered pickup (not connected) 1 volume, dyed fretboard

  • jt76

    Modification of mid 90' s  LTD MIII

    Removed duncan design 59 n, duncan design hot rails m, duncans design distortion b and all electronics

    Replaced switch, pots, and jack.

    Installed Dimarzio paf 36th neck, Dimarzio fast track 1 middle, Dimarzio super distortion bridge

    5 way switch selects  neck, neck mid, mid, mid bridge, bridge

    volume push pull - adds neck pickup to any switched position,  allows for neck and bridge or neck bridge and middle

    tone push pull - phase reversal on mid pickup

    added 3 mini toggle switches

    mini switch 1 - neck pickup humbucking series, split to single coil, humbucking parallel

    mini switch 2 - mid pickup humbucking series, split to single coil, humbucking parallel

    mini switch 3 - bridge pickup humbucking series, split to single coil, humbucking parallel

     I don't remember exactly how many combinations you can select that get unique sounds, but it is somewhere around 80.

    I figured it out one day but I don't remeber the exact number.  


     This is a great grab and go to cover anything situation guitar.   


    • jt76

      Considering it does about 80 different sounds it would be a very long clip.  When I get a chance I will see what I can come up with that is not to long.

      Maybe just a sample to show some to the most distinct variations.   I will post it here when I get around to it. 


    • Phil C.

      wow that's some modding! Switch heaven... I'd love to hear an audio/ video clip

  • Phil C.

    Gotoh Wilkinson VSVG bridge fitted, noise reducing trem springs fitted... Now to fit Schaller M6 locking tuners: anyone had any experience with fitting these on an ltd ST?

  • Phil C.

    Got a list of potential mods for my st-203: any one else attempted these?

    - tusq XL nut

    - schaller staggered height tuners (or F branded versions?)

    - gotoh/wilkinson vsvg trem

    - bareknuckle pickups mothers milk rwrp set (+ bridge baseplate)

    - replacement mint green pickguard

    So have you guys and gals attempted any of these, with any degree of desired success?