Jet Set Gypsies

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Jet Set Gypsies

We are a group of brothers bound by the soul. We are determined to make a difference in this world, through musical revolution and positive reinforcement of love to all. We are imparting a message of love and power and faith, regardless of creed. We are striving to make new sound, and stylistically we seek to break new grounds that not only appeal to others but also broadens others musical tastes.

We wish to contest the saying that, 'nothing is sacred' and to create a new approach to music altogether. We believe in the importance of dynamic exploration and creative evolution. We are proud to have tested our own musical limitations as well as introduce new elements to paradigms of which is deemed acceptable in the mainstream music of today. 

Blending aspects of driving industrial meter, with heavy energetic hair trigger drumming and shredding metal guitar riffs, as well as combining classical and operatic fundamentals with Worldly/ Eastern especially deriving influence from Japan's Visual Kei scene, then introducing them to a mix of Romantic, Gothic, Symphonic eccentric, elements and sometimes off the wall instrumentation. We then tediously deconstruct each facet, bit by bit, and re-assemble them in a way we see fit. We bring together synthesized with organic.

Its psychedelic avant garde break-beat neo-classical darkwave Gothic industrial film noir gypsy circus hardcore.

No stereotype, no cliche just pure innovative experimental sound.