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Any one have an elite 1 or 2 with emg for trade or sale ? I got some good stuff to trade

Jason Constantine

HAND WIRED KRANK REVOLUTION SERIES ONE. Originally owned by Ginger Fish of Marilyn Manson. 68th Amp Tony ever made for Krank. Custom flame paint job from the factory. This was the first amp they ever took to NAMM in 2004. Asking $1500 this is a piece of history. PRICE DROP $1200!!

KRANK KRANKENSTEIN not the Plus the original. Built by Tony $700

KRANK NINETEEN80 only about 100 of these exist. Its very similar to a JCM800 but with a bit more gain and a tighter bottom end. AMAZING SOUNDING AMP. RARE Metal Grill and Black Knobs on this one. About a year old. Built by Jeromy Graves $700

KRANK REV Jr PRO 20 WATTS mini head 2 channels with foot switch and FX Loop. $300 (Also Rex was correct this is a 20w not a 50w. Jeromy at Krank was mistaken when he sent it to me. He thought he sent the 50w. Its loud as fuck so I didn't know the difference, and nowhere on the amp does it say 20w or 50w, its 2 6L6s so I went along with Jeromy saying it was a 50w. So the price has been dropped)

KRANK Krankenstein Jr. 50 WATTS 2 channels with footswitch and FX Loop - SOLD

All of these amps were sold / given to me by Krank Amps while endorsed with them. 

Buyer pays shipping or amps can be picked up in Las Vegas Nevada. Paypal / Cash only buyer pays fees! Amps guaranteed to be in working order or full refund will be issued.

PLEASE DO NOT PM ME HERE!!! I WILL NOT GET THEM MY INBOX IS FULL!!! Please email me at constantinestudios(at)gmail(dot)com