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Musicians for musicians

If you have a band then you've definetly came up with the problem of getting you music to the people, getting facebook likes for your band, especially likes form people who listen to music that you play and perhaps also play it.

This group is for people who have bands and want to connect to people who listen and play music like theirs, but first and foremost to support each other; so, post your bands here and support other bands by giving them FB likes, youtube views and all other things we all need :D

Thomas F.

Play music in my free time and am currently involved in this Rock/metal project



Hey guy I'm from Southern Indiana and I play guitar and or can sing if you're from around my area and looking for either of these things I really want to play music as my career and finding people in places like this will help me achieve that thanks

Mark J.

Hey guys, my band is called ALLSEE. We're from Hungary, Miskolc. Check us out!




Anyone here in a punk or ska punk band I can check out?

Vedran P.

Wow.., ppl coming to this group.., very nice .., liking you all on facebook sometime today


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