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A group to share about our ESP M-II guitars.


Update:  I’m the proud owner of a second ESP E2 M2 Urban Camo Guitar, this is my standard tuning guitar with the other one being my Eb tuning guitar.  But man, this new one is just like the first one, a shred machine.  The only difference between the two is the camo pattern is a little different and the new ones paint job is a little darker(greys and black)other than than I inspected it thoroughly for flaws and couldn’t find a thing wrong.  ESP has high quality and craftsmanship built into its instruments.  I’m glad I got 2 good ones, ordering them off the internet and all.  Thanks American Musical Supply, and Thanks ESP!!


i just bought an E2 M2 Urban Camo ESP, i guess i'm sort of a hybrid because the E2 M2 is the new ESP standard.  I freaking love the guitar, it freaking shreds man.  i'm i die hard ESP man now.  I sold all my Ibanez guitars


nice M II


Hi elbotto00, i am not an expert in esp referencing, sorry. Maybe someone will help you


Here are some pics-

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