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I dedicate this spot to the early years.  Do have something from the 80's or 90's, tell us what you have and post pictures if you got em. Anything made by ESP, LTD, ect or made using ESP parts like Robins or Kramer focus ect.   Any pictures or discussion related to older ESP products welcome.  Please post orginal content when possible.      


Serial #
Can't find others with 4 digit serial# please help me identify year.
It is a 400 series rosewood fretboard. I made a post but got no help


Any ideas on this rare esp ltd explorer?

Flying Dutchmen

Here is my ESP 400 series strat with lawsuit headstock. 

After 30+ years still in very good shape and Great voice

Noam F.

Hi all, 

Here's my ESP 800 Series

All original Parts.


Anthony B.

Looking for 80's m1 standard with rosewood board. 

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