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Metallica Fans

Metallica is one of the bests groups of the world (for me The best!!)

If you love them join us !

Abhinav M.

Been I Metallica fan since I heard it recently. It influenced me so much that I quit my classical guitar classes and started to play some heavy riffs. Can u suggest how to improve in electric guitar and play like James


April M.

do any of y’all have the picture of James hetfield using a esp Ltd ex-200 or something like that, it seems to be in a namm booth or some kind of guitar showcasing that esp was at, I really need to see this picture

Tim H.

Been a Metallica fan since I first heard them at 13. It's amazing how good they still sound live even at this age. Hopefully, we can get a few more albums before they call it quits.

Frank H.

Hello from Germany. I think Metallica is one of the most outstanding music groups in the world. Absolutely great. Frank

Bruce H.

Metallica is my favorite band and always will be. I'd pay damn near anything to see them in person when they get here in Cincinnati, OH in January.  Love you guys.

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