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Metallica is one of the bests groups of the world (for me The best!!)

If you love them join us !

Frank H.

Hello from Germany. I think Metallica is one of the most outstanding music groups in the world. Absolutely great. Frank

Bruce H.

Metallica is my favorite band and always will be. I'd pay damn near anything to see them in person when they get here in Cincinnati, OH in January.  Love you guys.


I'm so hooked on the reloaded album! Nice to join in! 

Igor D.

I absolutely agree. It is my main source of inspiration!

ESP 348

I love Metallica, been a HUGE fan since 1989 when I was 9 years old.


Cool group thanks for the add. Metallica is THE reason I picked up playing guitar as a teen. ESP has been my dream guitar company since I started playing at age 13.

What gear is everyone using with their ESP guitars to get their Metallica tones? I just recently added the AX8 and my jaw dropped at the tone it is capable of. EXACT album quality capability. I was mainly curious what most are using?

Big Daddy B

My main rig is as follows: Digitech Whammy 5th Gen -> Ernie Ball VP Junior Volume Pedal -> Dunlop KH-95 Wah-> Line 6 FM4 -> Line 6 DM4-> Line 6 MM4 -> Line 6 DL4 -> TC Electronic Ditto Looper -> Mesa Road King II 2x12 combo. I would have probably put the Whammy after the wah but had no room left on my pedalboard so it sits outside and also because I use it on my portable rig as well.


Definitely my favorite and most influencial band.

jason b.

master of puppets best metal album ever

David V-R

Im going to start a band soon i wanna do Sad but true as the cover song 

David V-R

I can sing Fuel and Sad but true exactly like James