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This is for all you crazy mother#@&%ers out there that want to show off and show how it's done! Let see what you got, and if we like it, we will push your stuff so you get seen for you amazing abilities behind the axe! Post and SUBSCRIBE!

Aaron M.

http://www.reverbnation.com/q/69912u my newest song, please check it out!

Aaron M.

http://www.reverbnation.com/q/662kwb Hey guys please give my new song a litsen!! 

\m/ Raul S. \m/

im not a master, but i know what im doing and i can pull of most solos if i keep practicing 

Aaron M.

http://youtu.be/C6eM64Xd6y4 Vital Remains- Dechristianize (Sweeps)


Francisco Luzio

Hey there. I just joined this group .I´m from a shitty country called Portugal. I´m 20 , i play guitar and i´m hoping i can shred one day xD I might learn something with all of you

Cheers : D

Aaron M.

What you into? any fave bands/ guitarists?


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