Intermediate Guitarist

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Intermediate Guitarist

This group is for the mid ground guitarist. You know, the guy who has actually put time in to better our abilities, gets some playful remarks from the girls. But we know we aren't the best...yet lol. Got some song ideas or cool licks? Post a vid! want to learn something new, check out others videos! We can use this a tool to bring out the best in all of us to achieve the epic ness of our favorite guitarists! Rock on and SUBSCRIBE!

Lucas S.

Trying some 7 strings now. Sounds awesome!!

Mac S.

I had aseven sting years ago, I decided to stick with a 6 string. Maybe one day I will get a seven string again. 

Travis L.

sounds cool!

Joey Spirito

Mac S.

Need to get video off this site and or community if not availavle for view.

scott s.

the above description describes me pretty well.  I can play, not as good as a lot of players, but can hold my own.

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