Lewis F.

I will always be a beginner. 

Avilash Pantha

Hi I am a beginner guitarist and I have played my acoustic guitar for 3 months and now I am planning to buy my first electric guitar. I made a choice between ltd MH-100QMNT and EC-50. Please guys suggest me the best guitar among this two or beside these two also... Thank you.

Joey Spirito

'Ight. I got you bro. So you have been playing for three months. AWESOME! Everyone starts somewhere. Even better, you started on acoustic. Now, the big thing here is the transition. I assume your acoustic has a thicker neck. That is something to take into consideration when buying one of the options you listed. The EC model has a thicker neck of the two. Therefore, easy transition. On the other hand, the MH is going to alow you to have more speed. This is not something you should really be worrying about right this minute. Get your technique down first. Now that being said, you should ask yourself what you want to do. If you like that sound of deep earth chug that sends concusions to the chest of the audiance, the EC is for you. That is a rythm MACHINE. If you want to take that step into the door of melody, and be everywhere on the guitar at once, the MH is the clear choice for you. Now I do have to say, you may want to step up the quality of the instrument for longevity and work purposes. Both instuments are well...cheap... To make them playable, there is going to be more set up than the guitar is worth to be honest. I am a firm believer that the 400 series and up are the best choices for a beginner. Those are affordable. WAY different than cheap. Congrats on getting a new guitar!

David V-R

Im not a bigginer its just been 5 years since i played my babys 


Anyone who can share with me how to create a very good guitar solos,


Here is a pretty good beginners lesson:

et me know what you think about it...

Brad G.

What is the best internet site for lessons? I would be grateful for any input anyone has.


This guy is really good and has alot of free lessons:


et me know what you think...