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A group to share about our ESP Horizon guitars.

Kevin Storm

Micky V.

Hi everyone! I installed an Ultra switch (a 6 position les paul style switch) in my ESP Horizon, and I am really happy with it. This guitar is capable of doing so many good sounds!


Love my Horizon!! I too was an Ibby player for long time but I have always loved ESP's. I finally bought my 1st LTD used about 10 years ago, EX 350 oxblood with setneck a Floyd and dual EMG HZ's. Put 81/85 set in and its great!

I came across a used Horizon a few years ago in a local music store and got for 250. It's a bolt-on but plays soo nice has EMG hb and slant single neck, 3 way switch, Sinclaire Floyd. I have been trying to figure out the year, it has JAF neckplate and #0040x9 serial, no other markings. It's my favorite guitar and my 2nd ESP.

jason b.

How's the horizons out there 

jason b.

love my stephan carpenter sc-500 guitar

Peter W.

I wasn't really an ESP either the same til I played an Ltd F400 and then bought it. Sold it on as i didn't really play 6 strings much but recently bought an ESP Standard Series Horizon 7. It is a left handed one of a kind in transparent greenn and it is hands down the best guitar I have ever played and I have rarely touched my Schecter since. Horizons are incredible and I honestlyn cannot find anything I don't like about mine


have to say i was a ibanez player and then the local music store said have ya played and esp, and i said i dont like them because every metal guitarist plays them... Then i played a horizon fr2 and i fell in love.. now i have 3 esp's and 2 of them are horizons and the other an eclipse. The best guitars i have ever played 

Erlend M.

The Horizon is, in my honest opinion, one of the greatest sounding guitars ever. It beats any Fender CS or Gibson Les Paul Custom i've ever tried.


Edu Junior

Hey fellas! I'm here!!!