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A group to share about our ESP Horizon guitars.

  • Micky V.

    Hi everyone! I installed an Ultra switch (a 6 position les paul style switch) in my ESP Horizon, and I am really happy with it. This guitar is capable of doing so many good sounds!

  • Kas

    Love my Horizon!! I too was an Ibby player for long time but I have always loved ESP's. I finally bought my 1st LTD used about 10 years ago, EX 350 oxblood with setneck a Floyd and dual EMG HZ's. Put 81/85 set in and its great!

    I came across a used Horizon a few years ago in a local music store and got for 250. It's a bolt-on but plays soo nice has EMG hb and slant single neck, 3 way switch, Sinclaire Floyd. I have been trying to figure out the year, it has JAF neckplate and #0040x9 serial, no other markings. It's my favorite guitar and my 2nd ESP.

  • jason b.

    How's the horizons out there 

  • jason b.

    love my stephan carpenter sc-500 guitar

  • Peter W.

    I wasn't really an ESP either the same til I played an Ltd F400 and then bought it. Sold it on as i didn't really play 6 strings much but recently bought an ESP Standard Series Horizon 7. It is a left handed one of a kind in transparent greenn and it is hands down the best guitar I have ever played and I have rarely touched my Schecter since. Horizons are incredible and I honestlyn cannot find anything I don't like about mine

  • Schwaba

    have to say i was a ibanez player and then the local music store said have ya played and esp, and i said i dont like them because every metal guitarist plays them... Then i played a horizon fr2 and i fell in love.. now i have 3 esp's and 2 of them are horizons and the other an eclipse. The best guitars i have ever played 

  • Erlend M.

    The Horizon is, in my honest opinion, one of the greatest sounding guitars ever. It beats any Fender CS or Gibson Les Paul Custom i've ever tried.


  • Edu Junior

    Hey fellas! I'm here!!!