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Metallica: The Thread


Bruce H.

Hell yeah. I've seen them 6 times and every time is killer.

Andrew W.

My version of Nothing.


Tim H.


David V-R

i can sing sad but true and fuel i sound almost like James

Murilo H.

hi, does someone here have an tip on how sounding like Metallica without having to sell a soul or somehting?

David V-R

I Can mimic Jame's voice somtimes,I sound just like him when i sing Sad But True

Richard R.

hi, don't try to sound like whoever, if you love someones music put your own spin on it then it will be yours. does that make any sence at all,    i hope so.keep on jammin man!

Benjamin Leveque

have an off white esp ltd ex-401 with EMG81/60 looks like james hetfield's 80's esp so sick

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