Hey there folks, How're we all doing then ?

It's been a while since I posted anything on here so I thought I would ask as a cheesey little thing, what is your halloween soundtrack for this year ?.



Hey guys.

thought I'd kick things off by asking, what are your top albums of 2013 ?

mine at the moment are:

1. Carcass - surgical steel

2. Watain - the wild hunt

3. Autopsy - the headless ritual

4. Immolation - kingdom of conspiracy 

5. Exhumed - necrocracy

6. suffocation - pinacle of bedlam

7.  Darkthrone - the underground residence 


Max W.

Hell - curse an Chapter
Sodom - Epidome of torture
Annihilator - Feast
Satyricon - Satyricon
The Idiots - Amok
Black Sabbath - 13
Iron Man - South of the Earth
Watain - The Wild Hunt


Kjetil (GRIM) Remen

Darkthrone was a bit different and it has taken me a while to get used to it, but it is a cool album.