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A group dedicated to Metal Heads! \m/ Feel free to promote bands/music or post comments and questions for the members of the group to discuss. \m/


Hail Heathens,

This is AnKou, Black Metal from France. Hope you'll like my universe of Black, Ambient, Pagan and more \m/


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Tim H.

rockin! \m/ 

Artur B.



Matthew  F.



fellow metal heads!!!

Robert B.

hey everyone good to be part of this group, the name is Rob Batt right now I have a LTD loaded with EMG's what are you all playing?

Mac S.

Mr Rob Bat. If that is your currenntly ficticious name, What will you change it to? Not, Bob Hope or some crap.  That was weird for you to place that.  I currently use a LTD AX-50 Left handed. Yes it is highly difficult to get a sweet assed AX in left handed.  Low end guitars are so cheap.  I have a set of Seymour Duncans Alpa & Omega in it currently. I used EMG 85 & 81 years ago, I do like passive pickups for you do not need to worry about over loading Amp/ Speakers nor battery replacements.  I have used  Dimarzio in the past I think I prefer Seymour Duncans still.  

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