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Tony C.

Hello fellow bass players I am a owner of a ESP LTD B-205SM great bass looking at buying the LTD B- 206 and also the LTD F-5e does anyone own either of these basses any input would be great. everyone have a great day. will check this group daily thanks.

Tony C.

just order the Ltd B-206 SM from zzsounds will give update ASAP Craig. i do own an Ibanez SR 506 from 1995

very happy with it plays like butter. thin neck,well balanced bass want to change the pickups. Other than that great playing bass!!


Let us know if you buy a six string.  I'm interested in the B-206 SM and a few other 6 string basses.  Your input would be appreciated.


Glad to hear that things are going well.  I live in the Austin, TX area, but if I should ever find myself in your area, I will check out and support your band.

Eric V.

ScrewDevil is alive and kicking, my friend. Just wrapped up a killer holiday party/jam tonight. Look for us at The Empire Concert Club in Akron this January!

Eric V.

Rockin' out with The Michael Weber Show, Ragged Glory and Ball & Chain Saturday night at Eddie's Bar in Elyria! Come Rock with ScrewDevil and friends!


Still a wasteland here, I see.  How have your gigs been going?  You're up in the Cleveland area, correct?

Eric V.

Is there anybody out there? Lol. LTD B-204SM owner here.

Eric V.

I noticed. Lol


Greetings.  An Ltd B-4E owner here.  As you might have noticed, there's not much activity in the groups.

Kevin J.

I have to get my hands on the TA-604 FRX, any idea when its coming out.

matt halim

Hi ESP bassist. New to ESP webpage. Haill ESPian

James S.

Hey everyone, long time ESP enthusiast, I have a LTD B-254, that was my first bass. I love it, it still gets the most use till this day. My newest addition this year is a LTD f415. The f body is a sick design, and feels great. My next purchase is going to be a bass from the E-II line. I really like the Doris Yeh signature series bass.

FC Spoiler

Member from the old boards here :-)

I currently play Alembic basses exclusively, but am looking for an ESP Horizon 5 bass.

My basses:

1979 Alembic Series I Walnut top+back
1983 Alembic Spoiler Koa, refinished: Black
1988 Alembic Spoiler Coco Bolo
1999 Alembic Orion 5 fretless Walnut
2010 Alembic Custom Elan 5
1991 Fender Prodigy with Alembic guts


Mesa/Boogie Bass 400 
Mesa/Boogie Strategy 400
Mesa/Boogie 1x15 Diesel x2 (EVM15L)
Mesa/Boogie 2x10 Diesel x2 (EVM10M)
Mesa/Boogie Abacus midi pedal
SWR Bassic black combo
And way too many effects :-)

(old pic, effects have been updated)

Sold the first and third for this one:


I play in a Dutch Metallica tribute, Damged Justice: Damaged Justice, Dutch 'tallica tribute: Website, Facebook, Youtube

Steve V.

Hello, new member and bassist here, Im wondering if anyone has the Tom Araya bass, I have questions.