ESP Mirage Deluxe 44th st NY Custom shop Snake Skin

ESP Mirage Deluxe 44th st NY Custom shop Snake Skin

Hey guys, hope all is well. Long story short I recently reacquainted myself with an old guitar that I had the opportunity to buy back. I’ve searched high and low for as much info as possible but the best clues so far as what I found inscribed on the neck when I took it apart. Any help is welcome as I now know what date this guitar was assembled/built and who buy. Any ideas who Mr Dx is ?? If that’s even right. Anyways any info anyone has will be greatly received as I’ve never ever seen another with the snake graphic on the headstock as well as the guitar itself. # I did not add the killswitch this was done by someone else and it upset me greatly # Obviously I had to own it again because it’s absolutely killer !!



I have more pics if necessary. Cheers.

Dave R.

I believe MR DX may be shorthand for "Mirage Deluxe".

Aaron M.

DOH ! Haha great shout. Thank you.

ESP Guitars

Hey Aaron, I would email these photos to our customer service at for assistance, thanks!

Aaron M.

I sure will thank you.

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