ESP LTD EC-401VF Tobacco Sunburst

Yannis R.


Hello there. I have a 2011 LTD EC-401VF in Tobacco Sunburst and trying to identify and source  the varnish used on its backside since I am trying to repair a small ding on its back. The luthier said that if I could find the original varnish for him it would be a much easier and cheaper job than trying to match the colour since that can be quite tricky in semi-transparent varnishes. Any help is appreciated 

ESP Guitars

Hello Yannis, we use a polyurethane finish on LTD models, but we cannot supply color codes for our finishes. 

Yannis R.

Thank you but couldn't you at least point me in the right direction? Would be greatly appreciated 

Yannis R.

For example would Cherry red, or Mahogany red varnish be more suitable for this? Would guess the latter....

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