Eclipse specs

Aron A.

Hi, I bought this gorgeous Eclipse used. It's from 2007 and not available in the shops anymore. I'd like to know the specs on it, such as neck profile/radius,  scale length,  fretboard radius and the materials in the body,  neck and the fretboard. 



Ryan T.

you can find the Eclipse II Std. specs in this 2007 catalog. With exception the the matte finish, should be correct. 

*yours looks like an ebony finger board in the pics as dark as it looks..


Aron A.

On the catalogue I find only the Eclipse-II series

with 3 knobs. And no info about neck profile. Mine 

is the model with 4 knobs. Are the Eclipse-II specs identical 

to the previous model Eclipse std. with 4 knobs?

Aron A.

I mean of course the fretboard radius...

ESP Guitars

Hey Aron, go ahead and email these photos and the serial number to our customer service at for assistance, thanks!

Aron A.

Ok, will do.


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