Is this guitar real, and worth it for the price it has?

Is this guitar real, and worth it for the price it has?


So last day I was navigating on the internet, until I found this... a Korean made ESP LTD EC-401QM, for 359.99 USD. The guitar itself is in great conditions, despite that chip on the headstock, it looks fine to me, so what do you guys think...? Is it worth it? 

Dirk V.



The guitar seems to be real although without a photo of the serial number etc I can’t be sure. Besides there’s no reason for companies to make counterfeits of specifically this guitar. They usually make replicas of the high-end ESP’s or maybe the standard ec-401 in black etc.

IMO the price is quite fair although with the headstock having taken damage (presumably from falling) you could try to get 25-50,- off perhaps.

If you really want to check whether it is real you should send ESP an email with good quality photo’s and the serial number.


ESP Guitars

Hey guys,

This appears to be a legitimate LTD EC-401QM in See Thru Black.  This is a current model, but doesn't appear on our website because it's a dealer exclusive for Guitar Center/Musicians Friend:

Seems like a pretty good deal!  I hope you enjoy it.

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