2020 configurator?

Dan J.

Hi all,

Are there any anticipated changes to the configurator for 2020? If so, is there an ETA on when those will be available?


Peter B.

I have also been checking every few days for updates. 

I'd really like to see the ability to change the fretboard wood for all of the models, and more color options would be great too. Also I never know what color the back/sides of the guitar are for each color option as sometimes it's finished wood instead of the top's main color.

Oh and they should include the Potbelly! 

Dan J.

I agree with Peter!


Definitely would like to see the blue liquid metal as an option. Spectacular color!

Peter B.

Soooooo.... it's almost spring and we're still on the '19 configurator.  

Mayones now has a configurator online too.  You can change just about everything on the guitars including neck wood, fret markers, fretboard, 25 or so different top woods, more colors, binding color, headstock logo color.    


Dave R.

New solid finishes have been added. New transparent colors in the next week:



Kahler option please


How about USA NV model 

Pat F.

Can you get an eclipse USA model with a tremolo ?

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