Info on Eclipse tone cap??

Info on Eclipse tone cap??

Any info on how the tone cap is done on the Eclipse Duncan? Is it  a part of the push/pull pot structure? Is it a 22uf?Type? Just basic cap I would imagine. Just never see any info anywhere on it. Works fine just can't find it, internal to the pot block? 


not sure if this is what you want or not

mine is bridge-volume.......neck-volume....... then push/pull coil split i had to ask to get the push pull coil split i don't think its standard the push pull has a little round orange thing on it (CAP???) with 203 on it

  these are the Alnico2 Pro humbuckers  also known as APH-1





Paul A.

Thanks for the response. Info on these guitars is just impossible. Would they suffer death to tell us the cap used on the (Duncan) Eclipse? They are not winning me over from PRS or Gibson next time around. I also wish they would not "chamber" the guitar, I just hate weight reduction. Other than that it's a fine instrument, has to be the best neck on any guitar I have owned. Love the ebony board and SS frets! 


ohh so you actually own one???


one of the reasons the info is hard to get is because the USA guitars are not common so there fore the info on them is not abundant. 

i noticed when i took the back cover off mine that it has ESP branded volume pots not sure on the push pull though 


one good way of getting info would be to ask one of their guys on instagram if you do some research you will find out who they are 

Paul A.

I think I have an email to a service guy I was hashing out an issue previously, at times many of the guys who work there may not know anything either so they don't answer or tell you something unrelated like they don't get the question. lol

I have a weird issue with my pickups that they cannot be tilted or moved, they want to follow the slope of the body carve contour, discovered there is zero room in the pickup cavity to move anything side to side. For now I just live w it, but surprised me in a guitar costing that much with that great of care to the neck construction and body finish. They offered to work on it but at the time it was dead of winter and freezing everywhere. Scares the crap out of me trying to ship a guitar. Anyway, other than that sort of minor issue I love the guitar.Best neck on a guitar I have ever had. Love the ebony board and SS jumbo frets. 


send it back now... that was 5 months ago the weather would be good now 


my neck pickup moves if you rock it from neck to bridge just like any other guitar iv had i wonder if the pickup wires or 3 way selector switch wires are pinched underneath the pickup and not letting it move? have you had the pickup out of the body to have a look???

Paul A.

Yep I took it all out and the routing is too tight, I get anxiety shipping guitars plus the expense, such a hassle, not sure it is worth the effort. Seems to sound fine just cannot tilt the pickups to follow the strings, very odd, never had a guitar have this issue. I could probably work on it myself but the whole thing is a step too far. Problem with buying a guitar on-line you cannot examine. Hard to imagine ESP QC just let this go without noticing it. And how on earth did the routing get blotched isn't that computer controlled?? 


yep from the videos online I've seen they're C.N.C'd so the only thing i can think of being a human error would be the person who sanded the top may have sanded it in away that the pickup surround is now not sitting right or possibly naming the pickup inside the cavity 

or on final assembly they may have screwed the 4 pickup surround screws in the wrong location, (to close to neck or to close to bridge)  jamming the pickup against the body can you put up a picture this site is very easy from a computer  

Paul A.

Good points, I will check out the mounting ring placement to the route hole, could they have goofed both of them???

I have some pics somewhere of the angle problem as it took some time to explain it to them as they did not understand what I was saying, because really who ever had this problem before?? I have no pics of the pickup out of the guitar as I did that after talking to them. Hard to imagine they blotched such a fundamental given, then let it go out. Sweetwater's "50 point check" missed it as well or they did not care. I always do extensive setups on my guitars so i noticed right off when set the pickup height. 


only let me insert one pic


id suggest taking all 4 pickup surround screws out and move the pickup and surround assembly towards the neck ever so slightly bit by bit and see if it free's  up 

you don't even need to taker the strings off 


if that doesn't work try going towards the bridge 


failing that next time you change strings pop it out and check that its not pinching a wire-----very possible 


if you pop it out measure the cavity from the bridge side to the neck side and i'll measure mine as i will be swapping out the S,D for EMG's in mine 

and we'll see if there is a discrepancy




Paul A.

I had them out of the body and the wires were OK, I will try removing the ring screws and see if they were mounted off, which does not remove my WTF resolve that this happened to BOTH pickups and QC on ESP USA and Sweetwater seemed to have missed it. I mean how could you set pickup height and not notice it? I saw it right off. Burns my toast on a near $4k guitar, not so much they offered to fix it, but just having to deal with that mess to begin with has really bummed me out. That will weigh heavy on my next guitar buy I can tell you. I love my Duncan Eclipse, the neck is the best I have ever had and the finish extraordinary but this pickup thing, really??? 


Point to ponder: EMG's are you sure about that?  I never liked them and I have the better set in an Epiphone the 57/66 ones which are much better than the 81 usual set but I am probably going to replace those with a Seymour Duncan Hot Rod set (love those pickups). I dig the Duncan Alnico IIs in my Eclipse. Hot pickups are not a need I have in my Les Paul's as my vols are seldom even up all the way. EMG's also produce a low impedance output which can be terrible for some pedals and different sounding for others. The Pedal Show Guys were making me rethink my board buffer before my drives and gains (not using fuzz, which we know many hate Low Imp). I just converted to Fractal FX8 and my drives in the pre/post loop thing, but changing my entire former chain notions of buffer and bypass which is a shame because I do love my Xotic pedals. 


I love the 60 81 the S.D just ant doing it for me 

I find with the hi gain stuff the notes of each string mud together EMG’s you get more clarity and a bit more out put 

I’m sure if I had some other amps I’d leave it but I’m happy with my Mesa boogie and Roland 120-h


good luck with the pick up

Paul A.

Have you tried the 66/57 set? I preferred them a lot more. Depends on your rig and use of pedals, EMGs can be really good. Hey if that is what rings the cow bell, that's what you need. I just redid my entire board again so I am never really satisfied for long. Just got into Fractal effects and rather amazing the depth the FX8 has. Still keeping my drive section as I have an Origin Effects Revival Drive which is just not going to be replaced by anything. So far Fractal has been a hoot and exceeded my expectations, that is one complex hard to understand beast to be sure but that seems to be half the fun.

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