NGD: 97 ESP USA Custom Horizon NT

NGD: 97 ESP USA Custom Horizon NT

1997 ESP USA Custom Horizon

Don't see a lot of these floating around and very stoked that I came across this and jumped on it. Built by John Gaudesi in the short lived ESP USA Custom Shop, he's now a master builder at Schecter USA. The quality is absolutely top notch, sound is massive. Spec wise, it's right alongside the standard setting 96 Japan-built Horizon that I had owned (and stupidly sold). 

Mahogany body, maple neck, ebony fretboard (almost like glass, but no gloss). That quilted maple top has serious depth to it, basically comes alive as you look at it. Sperzel tuners, swapped out the old Gotoh bridge and tailpiece for Tonepros. 

Currently has a set of SD Full Shreds in it. Sound good, the neck is really good, but I've got a SD Black Winter coming for the bridge PUP. Sound is amazing, sand the necks on these 90s ESPs and you won't find a better feel. 

Absolutely awesome. Goes well with my MIJ Custom Shop Horizon. 


All together now: 


Congrats.  Enjoy.


Where can i find more information about this particular model? I have one as well and for years i struggled to find anyone with the same one.

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