ESP Mirage Custom

ESP Mirage Custom

Hey, i just got this esp and the guy i got it from didnt have any info on it, but it says the mirage custom on the headstock, and on the plate for the jack it says "made in USA and a number: 42767. I cant find a number on the back of the headstock but then again, its painted black, original colour was red so maybe its possible?...  I want to restore this to its original and my question to you guys: is this a real esp mirage custom  and if so what year is it made? Im having a hard time finding this info, and where can i buy parts like screws and covers for the back??



It's an ESP.  From the shape of the headstock it's from the mid 80s.  Maple neck, ebony fretboard, alder body wings.  The jack plate on the guitar is from a Carvin.  It's certainly not a USA made Mirage.

As for parts like screws and such, I typically shop at  They're a bit pricey on some things, but they typically have everything you'll need.


Im thinking about selling this one. All electric parts are new! Any idea about prices??

ESP 348

Pretty cool axe, wishing you all the best with the sale.


still looking to sell this one?


Definetly a late 80's model.  I have an '87 Mirage custom.  It doesn't have a recessed tremolo.  I think they started doing that in possibly '89. 

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