• Death Magnetic


    You won't see people talking about the new ESP's. Nobody can afford them, they're too expensive for even rich people to succumb too. Even rockstars are shaking they're head, remembering the days when they were a poor musician just like anyone else, but maybe they could scrape for $2000 axe with much work and patience, now in this EGOnomy with all the problems we're having because of republicans you're going to ask that same struggling musican to spend double that or more? And then we've still got to worry about amps and effects and acoustics and every other piece of the signal chain just so we can have that one goddamn $5,000 ESP?

    Who's going to buy one, really?

    • Bojomojo Jones

      Trouble with Republicans?  The problem is with the Democrats & Obama.  Buy the Wall Street Journal for a month and open your eyes to the truth.  Stop watching local TV news -the mainstream  media - and DVR FOX NEWS starting at 5PM until you normally get home.  Watch the  Megan Kelly show.  Watch Neal Cavuto.  O'reilly is an egotistical blowhard so skip him.  Sean Hannity is for the extreme right so I'd avoid him as he might offend your view of the world.

      personally there is a lot of hard truth out there to change your mind.  I am a guitar player who was once a liberal and am now an independent.  I started playing guitar in 1970 at 10 years old.  Around 20 I became a Democrat. Being in a band means constantly meeting new people and exchanging ideas. An older guitarist challenged me to see what makes me click in my perception of my worldview.  I started watching The Mcglaufin Group, reading National Review and the editorials from the Wall Street Journal.  It changed me for the better.

      In 1972 I purchased my first real guitar that I still have today for $250.00 dollars.  Recently I was offered $4,000.00 for it.  When I die my entire collection goes to my sons.  My father in 1973 purchased 3 mint pre-CBS STRATOCASTERS  and 2 pre-CBS TELE's blackguards.

      I wanted to buy an ESP guitar - however, it lists for $3,999.00.  Way too pricey for this old dog.  I am 53 years old, still have all my hair, physically fit, and currently in 2 classic rock bands.  Long live Rock and Roll.


      • Death Magnetic

        you sound just as confused as you are, and to be that way at 53? well hey as long as you're not armed, maybe we can kick it, but you wall street journal fox news fags will kill and call it an accident and then get away with it.

        • Bojomojo Jones

          Please don't be a hater and hurl it my way.  I have been happily married for 25 years, have twin sons, own my own home, and pay huge taxes.  My reason for not buying the ESP USA ECLIPSE is based on fiscal responsibility.  I would love to buy that guitar but I'm saving for College when both my sons start at the same time.  I have at least a dozen guitars purchased when I was out touring and have three killer amps that keeps me going.  It makes me grateful that I know how to play so many songs and that at 53 I am in 2 bands that pay well because of the maturity level of the band mates and their talent.

    • guitargirlemg81

      When are you going to stop being a retard? The original series are CS quality, that's why they are worth that much. 5k is typical for that. The new "standards" are even cheaper now and most of them are priced less than 2k new. Anyways nobody is pointing a gun to your head, go buy whatever the fuck you can pay for and stop bitching.

      PS That name really suits you now.

    • guitargirlemg81

      "Who's going to buy one, really?"

      You apparently


      PS You don't seem to understand sarcasm.

      PSS I just think it's too funny when somebody complains on a top of the line product for being expensive.

    • RZK

      You're a fucking moron. I really just don't know what else to say...

    • King Nothing

      4 topics started by the same guy and bitching like a little girl in all of them. Wrong hobby maybe?

    • Stevie Strings

      Troll. Learn to spell.

    • jt76

      Guy complaining about how much ESP's high end guitars cost buys a Gibson? if im reading that post correctly.  

      To get anything decent from gibson your looking at a historic or a custom shop that is gonna run easily in the same price range or higher.


    • Jeremy D.

      Woa woa woa, why all the hate guys?  Lets not debate politics because the debate will never stop and it goes from an intelligent discussion to childish name calling.  And besides, being nice will keep you off Santa's naughty list.

    • phillip L.

      Wow, I'm a fairly new guy here but geez! This guy makes a post saying he is "going for" and original series and then makes one complaining about the price? I'm confused. I gather however by the above post about you "rack mount recto" that you are the type of person who likes to dream big and brag about what you have, nothing wrong with that but I don't understand all the attitude stuff. 


      BTW who would buy one? ME.