Brand New: Quality Control Issue ESP Eii EC Tiger Eye

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Just received this today, brand new out of the box Japan made EII with fretboard tool marks all over it and a scuff by the neck pick up.

great quality control ESP! Im glad you let your luthiers get away with this on a $2,800+ guitar!

Worst part is most shops are only getting one of these!

not happy


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Since no one at ESP wants to respond to my customer service emails, I figure I would add some additional issues with the guitar. Their appears to be some grouting coming out of the bridge pickups and for some reason there was no ESP inspection sticker with signature on the back of the guitar when I received it?? Anyone who gets any new E-II, keep any eye on this. 





I have a reindeer blue pending, I’ll keep you updated. Sorry man  

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Thanks man, it’s frustrating as most places either have this guitar back ordered till fall or they are only getting one. I would like someone from ESP to answer this. I own 2 ESP custom shop Stef B7s and a few EC LTD Deluxe who’s fret boards look way better than this. 

Tess M.


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