Ec ii eclipse

Dustin R.

Hey folks,

I'm thinking about getting the ec ii eclipse. And I'm looking for some opinions as there are no retailers that carry it in my area. 

Firstly, I have a number of LTD guitars (snakebite, truckster, ec-1000, clockwork zombie). Is the eclipse going to be that much of an upgrade for the price point? I ask this mostly in comparison to the ec-1000 as they appear to be similar guitars.

Second, if I'm going to pay this much for a guitar, would it be worth it to spend a little more on a custom?

Finally, is this a shred guitar? Most of my guitars feel more catered towards rhythm work (I play primarily heavy metal) and am looking for something that feels a bit faster with easier access to the higher frets. The ec-1000 is more of a shred guitar, unfortunately I had to leave it at home when I moved across the country. 


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