Waiting for an ESP E-II M-II NT Black Forever!!!

Waiting for an ESP E-II M-II NT Black Forever!!!

Why is there no availability for months ESP? I have been checking for this guitar for months in U.S! When will this be available for purchase? 

Sam S.

It'll come around eventually. Shits been taking longer than usual with everything. I ordered a Horizon NT7B back in December 2021 and nothing yet. Good luck!

Mert T.

Today is 10/24/2023. I have been on waitlist for this guitar for almost 2 years. I called Sweetwater and the guy told me that definitely it is delayed again to next year. WTF!!! Is there a problem with the ESP factory in Japan? Anybody? Why don't they make guitars in mass? Why is it impossible to get a guitar that you want? I mean I don't have a guitar to play at the moment. There is LTD KH-602 available, which is the closest one to this guitar. I guess I will get that one. Damn it!


My Reindeer Blue came in earlier this month! Ordered 08/2022

Mert T.

Looks really cool! 

helen d.

@retro bowl college I really like it, it looks really cool.

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