EII Availability


PLEASE, ESP, fulfill my order for an EII Horizon 3 FR. I've been waiting for 6 months (and paying on it for 6 months). Sweetwater blames it on your supply chain. They say you commit to a date, then continuously change it. I WANT MY GUITAR... PLEASE....


I waited close to a year for mine and that was before covid / supply shortages. Hang in there, it's worth the wait!


Thanks @Emine....Your comment is much appreciated, but that doesn't solve my problem. First, as crazy as it sounds, the EII is a bucket-list item. Second, I already own 9 guitars across the Gibson/Fender line (Les Paul, Explorer, Flying-V, Strat, etc.); I was planning to unload a few of them for this guitar. With the endless date-creep, I'm about to cancel the EII and stick with what I already have. Of course, that would conflict with my bucket list.


ESP, need you to step up... If you want a pic of my guitars, I'd be glad to send one to show that I'm legit. My ESP 7-string will be included.

Jason D.

Same. I ordered a standard black M-II from Sweetwater in June 2022 and as of this week, Sweetwater's website says that model is no longer available. Still haven't received any official word from them.

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