Ordered in March 2022


But still no dice.  I ordered a Japanese made ESP Horizon III almost 9+ months ago... Is anyone else waiting this long for their guitar to get shipped to a major retailer?  I get when there was a rona issue, but the ports are no longer backed up.  So it begs the question as to "why" and where are these guitars?  

I've been supposedly #1 on the waitlist (already paid and all) for all this time.  First I was told July, then August, then October, then November.  Nothing....


I'm very close to honestly just giving up.... 


What is the point of saying you have an item released for sale, when it is not for sale anywhere?  You can't play it in store... etc.  Its to the point where I feel like its almost false-advertising.

"we released these guitars in 2020... ok but you won't get one until who knows maybe 2024?"  And the thing is, its not even just the 2020 models, going back to older models as well...NONE available.  Want that old Horizon II FR that is blue?  No where to be found.  So even if you said, fine I won't get the latest models, you can't even find the the older versions that are new anywhere. 

Its bad business plain and simple. Customers should always be the priority.  

Aaron W.

I feel your pain Ive been waiting for my eii black satin frx since December of 21.


Does anyone know if ESP does batch production for their EII series and that is why we are getting screwed over?  If its batch they would wait until X amount of orders come in.  So if I ordered in March, and 5 other people order over the summer, but its not up to a specific number (like say 20 for North America) they just won't start until they get that order #20.  Its really bs if this is the case... but would also explain their supposed perpetual "backorder" which really is not a backorder, its a "we haven't started making it yet" 

Michael C.

This is really not good to hear, and is being backed up by other sources I've talked to. I ordered an E-II Eclipse through Sweetwater in early Oct, and they were very transparent that "ESP times are unpredictable, you may have this as early as Nov or Dec, or it may be later". I don't necessarily mind wating 6 months with supply chain issues being what they are, but the prospect of a 9-12 month wait is not what I signed up for. I suppose I could go the custom shop route, but I'm honestly better off getting a gently used model off of Reverb.

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