Ebony fretboard on e2 horizon 3

Duško K.

Hi! I have an  esp e2 horizon 3 guitar... Question is... Guitars is almost New and after couple of weeks, when i play like 2 hours plus i noticed my fingertips become like black lightly... It goes away after washing my hands.. Is it beacuse ebony fretboard or string... Is there anyone with same experience? 


Yep happened with my eclipse when is was new. I believe its just some polish coloring coming off. It no longer does that on mine and fretboard is still nice and black.

I have a follow up question to yours if anyone knows. Can I apply lemon oil on the ebony fretboard?

Marcus  C.

New ebony boards will do this, and lemon oil is good for them, you may get the same thing after oiling the board. 

Valentyn C.

Yeah, the same, just received the new ESP E-II HORIZON NT-II one week ago and after playing my fingers become black. And, also in most touchable areas, the fretboard becomes not so black as before - wiped coating.



Michael S.

Likely dye used to darken the ebony is coming off.

Filip K.

But why does it come off that easy? Is there a way to stop this? Never got this before. My Eclipse has also a very nice dark ebony fretboard. But my fingers turn black very quickly.

Ralph  S.

Just clean board and frets well with preferred fretboard treatment. Probably just residual polishing compound 

Filip K.

Thank you, that's what I actually did. Took some lemonoil and cleaned it up.

Now the problem is gone

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