2013 Horizon NT

Jeff M.

I am trying to find out about a 2013 NT Horizon . The ESP site says in 2013, there is a an ESP Standard and an ESP Custom shop. I am looking at a 2013 Horizon NT (serial # is correct ES13......). I see an export ESP brochure that has this exact guitar Im looking at. The cover on export brochure says ESP Standard as well as also an ESP E-II. I am confused because the head stock says E-II Standard, not ESP. (guitar Im looking at and the export brochure has same head stock). When I look at the 2013 Brochure on this website, it is quite different and the Horizon II says ESP on head stock , not E-II Standard. Can someone tell me whats going on? Why does the export brochure say 2 models, (ESP Standard and a ESP E-II) but head stock says E-II Standard.... etc... etc.... What is the Export catalogue opposed to the archive one on this site?, same years , very different. Thank You very much for any insight


2013 was a transition year between the ESP Standard Series and E-II. That year the ESP Standard Series logo changed to what you see on that Horizon.

davis j.

The difference between ESP Standard and ESP E-II is that the ESP E-II is made in ESP's Japan factory, incredibox while the ESP Standard is made in ESP's USA factory. Both are considered high-quality guitars, but the ESP Standard is generally more expensive due to being made in the USA. 

Saint O.

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