Eclipse EII - wow!

Duncan  T.

Now the proud owner of an EII Eclipse. I had a single cut from a well known guitar manufacturer 5 years ago - I checked out 4 before I bought it and I was annoyed that I'd spent so much money on it and there were still defects, mainly frets. 

I've tinkered with an Eclipse before and then saw last year's model on sale with Seymour Duncan's (59 and JB), which is was just what I've been after, so I pulled the trigger, despite being the first mail order guitar ever!

When the box arrived, I pulled out the guitar and was stunned - it's an amazing guitar, it's faultless and the frets are unreal.

The 59's give it a real 'ooh' and the JB give it the grunts you'd expect.

I've got two friends who are both pro musicians and they were both amazed by the quality - the neck is sublime and not sticky at all, the body is light with a nice belly cut, the flame is fab, and the upper frets are accessible - a perfect guitar. 

If you're on the fence, don't hesitate to buy one, you'll be blown away by the quality.



Looks great, man. Congrats!

Duncan  T.

Cheers dude - yep, she's a looker!!

Paul J.

Wow, that's a beautiful Eclipse for sure.  I bough an e-ii Eclipse with a similar color scheme last year.  And I'll agree.  'a perfect guitar'.

Duncan  T.

I am surprised that they've stopped making them without EMG's tbh, it looks like every Eii Eclipse is now EMG. Not everyone digs them, let alone the battery hassle! 

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