E2, Honest opinion

E2, Honest opinion

I've been a loyal Ibanez guy for 25 years, but once I put my hands on an ESP E2 M2 Urban Camo guitar, things changed drastically for me.  Sure it doesn't say ESP on the headstock, but it says ESP on the 12th fret inlay??  I totally believe in the E2s, I've purchased 2 of the ESP E2 M2 Urban Camo guitars and fell in love with them.  The quality and craftsmanship of these guitars is unmatched, I couldn't find a single defect on them, and I nitpicked the hell out of them, the paint job is perfect, the tone and playability is awesome with the thin u neck and Floyd Rose.  These guitars are metal machines, I'll never go back to Ibanez!!

Paul J.

My e-ii is very much my favorite guitar, but I'm not totally brand loyal to ESP.  I will say you'd have a hard time convincing me any of the other guitar manufactures are producing 'better' guitars, especially at the price point of the e-ii.  Still, I wouldn't mind a Gibson V.  Its kind of like the 1967 Mustang of guitars, just a classic.  Even though an ESP V would be like a 2020 Mustang, pretty much superior in every way 


Love my E II M II. The quality of the guitar is awesome. It looks, feels and plays as well if not better than any of the "custom" guitars I own. I believe that a E II SN 2 is in my future. Love the finish on the current model.


Paul G.

Recently purchased a e-ii Horizon 3. Outstanding tones, fit and finish is stellar, and rock solid on staying in tune.

Love these guitars!


I'm still playing the hell outta my 2 ESP E2 M2 Urban Camo guitars, got one tuned in standard E, and one tuned in Eb(for Slayer tunes).  They never go outta tune, no matter how hard I ride the whammy, back and forth!! HA HA!!!  Whenever I plug in my Fender Squier and play it, I get discouraged because the ESP's just put it to shame on playability and tone, it's no match for them!  The poor Fender usually gets kicked to the wayside for blues tunes and soft rock, which I don't play much of, only for family and friends.  I'm a metal guy, right up my ESP's alley!!!


ESP guitars rarely go outta tune lol. Theyre like the next best stable necks next to roasted ones. Its true!! Both esp artists and players know this haha, love it

Muz S.

How does a person tell if the neck is one piece or three piece on the E-II eclipse? The specs rarely specify, instead just say mahogany. I own a EC-1000 and a ESP Horizon and both have three piece necks which I love! My climate where I live is pretty rough on guitars and I’ve had one piece necks (on lesser Asian brand guitars) warp, but I’ve never had that on the three piece ESP necks. 

Robert O.

Hey ya,ll. I too have been a huge fan of Ibanez, but as of late Ive had my eye on the ESP e2 arrow. I LOVE the looks but unfortunantly none of the shops carry guitars in this range to actually hold. Can anyone give me an idea, or opinion on how the ESP thin u neck and the Ibby wizzard match up? Im referring to feel, playability for speed, lowness of action etc. I love the wizzard but in honesty it does lack in chord friendlyness lol. I WANT THAT ARROW!!!!

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