• James O.

    My first ESP

    Bought my first ESP over the weekend.

    It's an E-II Eclipse in Marine Blue Quilt.  It's hard to see in the pictures but depending on the light it can look really blue or transition to almost black.  

    I was looking for a contemporary LP style and this one plays like a dream.  In the store I was able to compare it to multiple other manufacturers guitars in similar and more expensive price range and this one blew them away. I had to step up to a $3k Music Man to find something comparable in terms of quality but I much prefer the aesthetics of the ESPs.  

    It's the first time I've owned an ESP and so far I'm very impressed.  The setup and playability is perfect.  It's the first time I've bought a new guitar and didn't need to adjust anything.  Every note rings out clear and true and the sustain is incredible.  The EMGs are more versatile that I would have thought.  They are great for metal but I am getting some decent Jazz, blues and classic rock tones too.  

    Really looking forward to playing this one.  Anyone else enjoying the Eclipse or E-IIs?

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