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Máté J.

Hey all,

I would like to ask for some help to find out if this guitar is fake or not.

Thank you in advance!

Deviant  Person

There's a guitar that I really want to purchase from reverb it's a esp ltd elite eclipse but I'm off put about the serial number starting with EL. Can you possibly break it down for me

David S.

can you check my serial please? L0832751


M-200UC also has gold numbering of 745?




It's hard to determine legitimacy from just one photo, but the serial number would mean a 2008 model. The 745 was added later, it's not from the factory.

Steve W.

What's the nut size, specs and yr. It's a ESP LTD MH-100QMNT S. N. #IW13111073   INDONESIA MADE. 

Ernesto M.

I want to buy a guitar but I don't know if is legit, serial number L12011274, can you help me please?


The guitar is legit, a 2012 model. The truss rod cover is not original, nor is it from an LTD guitar.

Ernesto M.

Thank you!

Scott N.

Just wanted to verify the serial number on this eii Mii I just bought. Thanks guys cheers!


It's a 2015 model.

Dennis W.

would you know the year on this EX-350? the serial number is different then my other ESP/LTD or my ESP/E-II.


The six digit serial numbers are still a bit difficult to pin down. They're typically narrowed down to the 2000-2003 range, though the 9 at the front makes me wonder if it may be a late 1999 produced guitar. I don't have a way of knowing, but it's probably from that range.

Gantulga L.

Hey everybody ,

I would like to ask for some help to find out if this guitar is fake or not.


It's a fake. Sorry man. Serial number format is wrong, logo is wrong, truss rod cover is wrong, vase and flame is wrong.

Will E.

Hello! I have an EC-1000CTM Deluxe with the serial number IW18060843. Can anyone tell me where this was made and the date etc and any other information about the model of guitar if possible please! Have yourself a wonderful day 


It was made in Indonesia in 2018

Basim S.

I would like to know if this is legit n which year model is this seems like 2018 from Indonesia 
ec-256satin black

Basim S.

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