• socaldreamer

    No manual with new guitar

    Hi all,

    I received my brand new ESP Eclipse E-II DBV guitar yesterday and love it! However, it did not ship with a manual or registration warranty card. Is this typical for ESP guitars? The reason why I ask is that my other guitar a Gibson came with these things. It also came with a weird looking screw type tool and two screws- what are these for? 




    • Road King

      I bought a new ESP last year and didn't get a card either. You can register it online though. I guess the tool you got was for the truss rod and/or bridge adjustments.

    • socaldreamer

      Ah yeah that makes sense and the Sweetwater engineer told me that pretty much. I did find the manual as a download available on the ESP website. Love the guitar so far quite rich hard rocking sound and fun to play! I even like it better than the more expensive Gibson Flying V guitar I bought.