2016 E-II models. Question....

2016 E-II models. Question....

When the 2016 models become available are the previous models (2015 and before) unavailable? Just noticed on preview pictures there is one Eclipse in black. Must say I was hoping to see more finishes. Looking forward to getting a better look at some of the new stuff.

Michael. H.

You can probably find some leftovers in dealer's stock, I guess.

I was waiting almost a year to hope for E-II Horizon NT Duncan in black or white with regular pointy headstock. RIP dream.. 


The Products page shows quite a few different finishes for the E-II Eclipses.

Rikki Tikki Tavi

Like the white one and black satin. When I last looked previous models were there also. Wish I could afford another....


Toni S.

because I can not buy new models guitarrras 2016 in Spain? 

I wana buy this model 



Kevin R.



Check that out man, they have a bunch of the 2016 models in stock.

Rob Marshall

Whatever is on the website should be what is current stock.  Not just 2016 models. Anything else would probably be dealer stock or finding what you want used. 

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