Is this guitar fake?

Gordon C.

Not fimiliar with these units so I hope someone's expert eye can help. Seller states its an 2007 eclipse e-ii. First I cant find a legitimate model online with this color combo. I know these are mass produced in china and looked through aliexpress to find this exact piece but I also couldnt not find it. I blurred out the serial number for satety but is there a search engine I can verify it?





E-II wasn't around in 2007.
Anything else we might be able to tell you would require photos.

Gordon C.


It's legit.  Either snow white or more likely, vintage white.  2007 model.

Gordon C.

Thanks Pushhead I think vintage white is on the money here. Any idea how much this is worth? Guy said these are like new.


You can find them on eBay for between $1000 and $1200.  I know there are a few on Rig Talk right now for about that price.  That's USD, of course.  No idea what they sell for in other parts of the world.

Big Daddy B

Nice looking guitar. Kinda has a Randy Rhoads type vibe!


Where is the guy from that's selling it? Those pictures look really faimliar.

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