FRX: Alder vs Mahogany (and vs EC/Eclipse)

Dave P.

‎‎I'm new here... and to ESP guitars...

‎OK, for years my hero was George Lynch and I knew ESP was good, but never tried one... I was brainwashed to bow to alter of Fender and Gibson and ignored others, till now.

Anyway‎, I have my dream Strat and though I would like a Les Paul for the collection, I have issues with them and in thinking of others - I was reminded of ESP.‎

This led me to see the FRX for the first time, and now I can't unsee it... it's all I think about. I will probably not get to touch one without buying first and shipping and have many questions.

My wife wishes there was an LTD FRX401 with a Floyd Rose‎, I would be happy with an FRX1001 FM with FR which doesn't exist.

So I am looking at E-II to have FR and as I am now way over budget, was looking if I could go that far and leave the maple behind when I noticed...

...solid colours are alder and ST FMs are mahogany.


I can't try first... the few YouTube videos are terrible, how can I get a better idea of the differences?‎

I am leaning to mahogany to fill my current "you don't need a Gibson" philosophy as my Strat has alder-maple covered, but I don't know active EMG pickups, ebony boards or non-bolt on necks.‎‎

I have many other questions too... like where does ESP hide information about there stuff - like a guy said to me they only use stainless frets, another that Original has maple top where E-II is very thin veneer... How do they know this - I see no details like this on ESPs site (not even dimensions in the specs).

‎‎So I ask for your thoughts on FRX options and opinions to help me pick my next guitar that may have me living in my truck.

BTW - my back up plan is E-II Eclipse or LTD EC1001 FR... feel free to compare to these too. 

Who knows, maybe by time I can afford E-II FRX, they will have an LTD version with FR - then what will I do?

Thanks all!


Dave P.

Oh... just to add that where I dig hard rock and metal, I like sweet pure cleans too.

My Strat goes at it one way - it's a Strat, but has FR with Dimarzio PAF Pro and Texas Specials with a selectable 25db preamp. In other words - Sweet guitar hot rodded.

Hoping new ESP will go other way - where a heavy guitar is sweetened.

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