• luke b.

    E-II, honest opinions?

    yo guys,


    Honestly im struggling to see why ESP made this line, im sure they play great etc but why on earth would anyone spend £1000+ on a guitar that doesnt say ESP on the headstock? 


    literally its the only thing putting me off owning one.



    • SonVoltMMA

      ESP made an executive decision to only put ESP on the headstock of custom shop guitars. It's stupid I know but the Japanese aren't known for straight-forward business practices. They should have just reduced the line to ESP Standard, ESP Custom Shop and ESP USA Custom Shop. 

      I just purchased the E-II in Vintage Black. So far so good. It's a major step up from the LTD line. It is the new ESP Standard after all. 

    • caige k.

      Agreed. I feel the only difference between my old esp M-I and new E-II M-I are the letters on the headstock.

    • James S.
      caige k. wrote:

      Agreed. I feel the only difference between my old esp M-I and new E-II M-I are the letters on the headstock.

      That is good to hear, I don't care the name on the headstock changes, but its important to know the quality is still there.

    • Austin P.

      Its not really a big deal if it has ESP on the headstock the guitar its to be played not how ESP is missing on the headstock.

    • Whiskey Mike

      I agree with Austin. I recently got an E-II Horizon III. Headstock says E-II Horizon III, 12th fret inlay says ESP. Back of headstock says ESP. Good enough. I find the guitar very well done, great neck and action, very musical in that it has a nice tone even unplugged. I am seeing if the SH2 and SH14 grow on me, they do not suck but they may not stay long term. My first ESP. Color is Reindeer Blue. Where they came up with that name escapes me, but the color is good.

    • David A.

      I recently got an E-II Mystique, says ESP in all the necessary places. But it was the unique headstock and the overall guitar that I bought, not the ESP on the headstock. I know its an ESP, and thats all that really matters, plays like a dream.

    • Martyn R

      Hi all, I've been in the excruciating position of having sold 2 esp standards , one recently, and faced with this E-II mallarkey to buy or not to buy. Great axe, but E-II?? Too much dosh for total anonnimity LTD is more well known for fecks sake. Anyway, long story short- I just spent about 2 weeks (Aug 15) ringing shops, suppliers (selectron) + other guys trying to locate a esp horizon SS new old stock. The perfect one was found ESP Horizon NT-II £1500 final price GAK i think. Well for the level I play at its too expensive and a grand is and has been enough in the past to buy a new one. Now word has it from a few on the ground in the US that the E-II experiment has confused too many and slowed down sales too much that ESP are to revamp things very soon and make an annoucement at NAMM 2016 which I think is in January. I had a few offers of E-II horizons from US shops at $1000 for the guitar and around $300-400 usd for shipping and import duty so $1400 ish around a £900 in UK sterling. They want £1600 in UK for a new E-II Horizon. After much thought I couldnt do it and ended up locating my old 2010 ESP formula (similar to horizon) back albeit at a premium but its as mint as ever and says ESP on the fecking headstock! Result? yes for me but not E-II

    • vipprimo

      Given the choice, I would rather the ESP logo on the headstock.  I think it played perfectly, but that logo means a lot around here.

    • Hans B.

      They are quality guitars just like the standard series, but of course they don't have the ESP logo and the opinion of 90% of others and myself that makes them much less desirable. I know the whole deal that ESP should belong only on custom shops, but honestly I wouldn't pay that much for a diffusion line. If it's not going to say ESP on the headstock, you may as well just get an LTD or a used ESP logo standard. I have an ESP KH-2 from '98 that I bought new and a KH-602 that I bought used. KH-2 was $1,440 with tax from Sam ash (A friend got me a big discount!) and I paid $350 for the 602 in mint condition. Unless I'm going to buy a new custom shop ESP, I won't be buying any new guitars from them. They dropped LTD Elite and if E-II doesn't sell well, they will most likely go back to an ESP logo standard series and the E-II resale will plummet. Look at how they're clearing out the Elite's for $999. Anyone who paid $1,399 for them has just lost half their cash. Who's to say that won't happen again?

    • KingsBlade

      My new 2014 EII Horizon FR RDB is a Keeper! It is an extremely well crafted and fantastic sounding instrument. I personnaly love the beautifully crafted "E-II" inlay vs the "cheap" ESP decal (no offense intended). I wanted a high performance guitar with passive pickups and a real floyd that didn't break the bank and this guitar actually exceeded my expectations. I changed the 9's to .095-.44 and it practically plays itself. You guys can argue about the politics of the headstock sticker while I play this baby! 

      BTW, for those who are curious about the color name, the reindeers brown eyes turn blue in the winter and hence the name "reindeer blue" (FYI- I had to look it up).

      Also, they do have a little play in the pots (as mentioned), but this is of no consequense to the sound or playability of the guitar. You really can't hear them or feel them in any way while playing and they don't bother me in the least. 

      Of course these are just my own personal opinions and I am not looking for an argument. I respect everyones opinions, but I have to say that I like the idea that ESP has decided to go this route. It distinguished the differences very clearly and I am one who does not object. I think (or hope), that in time, the E-II line will earn it's well deserved reputation.

    • Rikki Tikki Tavi

      HI all, I'm new on here - currently PRS Cu24 player but would like something for rock/metal.  I was originally looking at buying an ESP Eclipse II maybe after Xmas, got half the money ready but really better hang on.  I've been told, (and could someone please verify) that;

      E-II guitars are the new ESP Standard series even though they don't say ESP on the headstock.  They will replace all guitars with the newer ESP logo and when the guitars with the new ESP logo are gone, they're gone!  And no more will be made.

      LTD is kind of merged with E-II, is this correct?  And then you have the ESP Custom Shop guitars.

      Sorry if this has been discussed before, I'd just like to be sure I know what's happening before spending.

      Checked some reviews and pictures/videos of E-II Eclipse and to be honest the new branding doesn't bother me, if, it is the new ESP Standard series.

      Thanks!  Rich.

    • Dave R.

      Hey Rich - Everything you stated in your post is correct.

    • Rikki Tikki Tavi

      Hi Dave.  Thanks.  They look like a good guitar to me, given the specs.



    • Blue260

      Missing out on a great instrument - who cares what the headstock label is!

    • Vladimir P.

      It is true. The only problem is a few LTD models are equally great and much cheaper. I could explain why someone would spend a few more bux to ESP before. Because of Metallica, Rammstein etc. Now it's beyond my understanding. But probably I am just stupid. 

    • Rikki Tikki Tavi
      Blue260 wrote:

      Missing out on a great instrument - who cares what the headstock label is!

      Yes, I agree.  It's only a label and the deal is the same.

      I'm gonna go for it!


    • Rikki Tikki Tavi

      Hi all, I'm interested in the E-II Eclipse QM STBCSB, E-II Eclipse QM MARBL and E-II Eclipse QM DBSB.  Does anyone think these will be available in other finishes in a few months.

      I quite fancy a solid finish, e.g. white, gold top etc.

      Any thoughts anyone?


    • Anton C.

      i hope so. That would be swell indeed. 

    • Widya Nugroho

      I have E-II, and it's great

    • LazNovak

      I played, what was at the time, an LTD Elite M-II and it was an awesome guitar. If I had the cash I would have bought it on the spot. I just want to own great guitars and don't really care who makes them. (Unless they give me an endorsement)

    • Matt W.

      I just got an EII Eclipse for $1099.00 at AMS, there's another.BTW. I read about people complaining about the tone knobs ratteling. Mine did, I took the knob off, It's a USA CTS Split Shaft. No wonder it wobbled. They're designed for push on knobs. So I pushed on gold speed knobs, looks better to me. Solved the wobble, saved $400.00, Thank you AMS. The guitar is stellar, I've been lucky enough to have many CS models in my history. This guitar is worth far more than it costs.   

    • Jason s.

      Just picked up an Eii Eclipse from guitar center for $799. It was used and plays like a dream! If you have the opportunity to pick one up do it! 

    • Matt W.

      Boy did you score

    • Jason s.

      Yeah I'm stoked! Thing plays like a wet dream! Tobacco sunburst...very happy with my purchase

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