• Exhul Empyreus

    Horizon NT-7B

    Anyone played one of these?? Prior to the recent changes I had planned on buying a NT-7 (25.5" Scale), now I see that they've changed some cosmetics (Which I like) and made it a baritone scale (27"). So I'm wondering if this is going to make the guitar a lot more difficult to play for solos or what? Or is it not a huge difference? Also will finding strings be a pain in the rear? 

    It seems that the Stephen Carpenter signatures for a long time have been baritone 7's, so if you've owned one of those you can likely weigh in...

    • D-EJ915

      It doesn't take too long to get used to the longer distance between frets.  I think it makes it easier to play more cleanly up high because of the greater spacing but I don't play so much so it might not help someone who practices all the time as much.

    • Nick J.

      I have an nt-7 and it is the best playing most comfortable 7 string I have ever played so that being said I think the nt-7b should be about the same other than the longer scale It also has the thinner 45mm nut and I really love that about my nt-7 so for low tunings the nt-7b should be quit sweet