• Osvaldo T.

    Are the E-II Models the new ESP Standard Models?

    Are the E-II Models the new ESP Standard Models?

    What are your thoughts about the subject?

    • guitargirlemg81

      oh boy here we go

    • Torsten

      I think the E-II's are re-branded LTD-Elites.

      • Osvaldo T.

        Exactly. ESP wants to market them as new, affordable ESP Standards; but they don't really seem like the Standards at all! They look more as LTD Elite brand instruments and definitely not in the same category of the new ESP Original and USA Models.  Some LTD Elite models are E-II branded now. The Standard Series will definitely be missed once they're taken out of the market.


        Just wanted to spark some discussion about the topic.

        Express your thoughts!

    • Exhul Empyreus

      To me it appears that the Standard Series ESP and Edwards/LTD Elite have been merged. Judging by the price points anyhow. 

    • Joost

      Is there any proof that ESP originals are customshop models?!  on the site it says the best quality production models available..sooo

    • Alex L.

      guys the prices in Europe of for exaple the frx series are about 2000euros ,so i think they are like the standard models

    • Ivan O.

      Regarding new E-II series, while I've become an owner of E-II Horizon NT BK (Alder one, SD "hot rodded" set), I will leave some comments and comparisons to ESP Standard models.
      First of all, I would like to say, that craftsmanship of current instrument is great, especially binding (definately better than on ESP Horizons).
      If we will compare it with old ESP Horizon NT BK (Alder, SD "hot rodded" set), which I've played several years ago, there is no noticable differents in sound (obertones have been saved, alder sharpness feels almost same, sustain and attack features on the same level), comfort playability remained the same. In general, there is no difference, just rebranding of the whole line.
      I'm happy with it, cause current instrument fit all my needs, is universal, sounds and plays great. Price range for E-II Horizon has remained at the level of ESP Horizons level.

      In my opinion, E-II is the successor of ESP standard series.
      That's why, there is no reason for Holy Wars on this issue, just enjoy playing and making music with ESP guitars))

      • Giò

        I agree with you

        I played a ESP Standard Horizon FR II for several month and now I bought a new EII Horizon FR.

        I can say that I don't notice any difference in sound and playability, but I do in finishes.

        Mine came with a little flaw in the neck at the 15th fret that has a little hole filled with wood plaster and the inlay at 17th fret is cracked.

        Nothing to say about the sound and feel. The neck is great.

        I want to say that after spending 1750€ I pretend to have a guitar flawless though.

        So I'm really sure that this is my last experience with ESP.

    • Osvaldo T.

      I don't know how they're faring, but they seem to be of lower quality than the ESP Standard Series models. Many people are complaining of finish flaws, guitar feel, sound, etc. Some people even say that LTD quality is even better.  I really want to try one out to confirm that.

      They really seem as an ''affordable'' LTD Elite/ESP Standard Series gap guitars.

      Really looking forward to owning one someday, but first I must prove they're really worth the investment.

      Until then... I'll think I'll go for the Alex Skolnick LTD Guitar! It seems amazing! 

      • guitargirlemg81

        What people are complaining on finish flaws, sound, etc? Are you referring to the guy in the other thread? 

        I already played the E-II Horizons and they are essentially the same as the old standards and elites and they feel and sound the same. It's possible that the production quality dropped but by grabbing a bunch of these and by talking about them with guys who played them I doubt that's true.

    • nick h.

      I am steering clear of the E-II's. I am more than happy to find and buy used ESP's in great condition, save money and get a better guitar that will now go up in value. Its poor marketing ideas like "E-II" that create a nice vintage market.

    • Death Magnetic

      the E-II's are the LTD elite.

    • Rodo

      No experiences on E-II yet, but I own an LTD Elite and it plays awesome :)

      • SonVoltMMA

        I own the M-II LTD Elite and the E-II Eclipse. From what I can tell they are equals in quality and craftsmanship. I just wish I didn' get burned with "LTD" on the headstock of the Elite since it was only in production for 1 year before they rebranded it. It's going to be harder to sell if needed.

    • Jeremy D.

      ESP is my favorite guitar company but I feel a little burned by them with this new E-II line that they say is replacing the old ESP standard series. If this is really the case then why does ESP UK and ESP Japan still make guitars under the ESP stanadard brand while their is no plan to replace ESP Standard with the E-II series for those markets?  Honestly that makes me mad that North American buyers get screwed. They pay the same as us but they get a guitar with ESP on the headstock?!?! Well f*&%!