What is this ESP Eclipse?

Uğur D.

Hello friends. I just bought a second hand ESP Eclipse. But I can't decide which version this is.

I know that previous owner had changed the tuners and neck pickup. In the bridge there is Seymour Duncan APH1b and the owner said it was came with it. But I think these body colored ones were produced with EMG pickups.

I already sent a mail to ESP, but I would like to get some help from you also. Thank you guys.


Mesa Sean

Congrats! It's a typical awesome Standard Series Eclipse from 2010. Loved those (Pushead has like 50 of them) Has the old horn and 4 knob layout before lovely GIbson told them to stop. Great guitars and sell pretty cheap on reverb. I had a couple and liked them a lot. Seen some go cheap on Reverb. I'd take those any day over the E-II stuff. You have a killer axe.

josef s.

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daisy a.

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