I have this older ESP  guitar and was wondering if anyone can give me more information about when it was made, if there was a name to this model and possible value.  Thanks.


A similar ESP is in The 1990 ESP Catalog...

Angel Schleifer and his band was the: Bonfire that is an Heavy Metal German Band since 1986 whit  the album: Don’t touch the light.

 A guitar similar to your ESP guitar is in the 1990 ESP catalog under : Custom Made Guitars

The only 3 differences are: the no reverse headstock, that your ESP has 2 Humb.and the bridge that in your guitar si no Floyd Rose.

I don't know the name of this model but I think that is the same guitar style and that was made since 1990

Your ESP is a Vintage ESP and is a very good ESP


For the differences I think that for The ESP, in that years was possible to change models whit the particular view point of the guitar buyer as you can see in a page of the 1994 ESP Catalog:


Gus G endorsing this shape now, right?

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Shaw Steven

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