what year horizon came with a bolt on neck one humbucke and a crooked single coil pickup jackson style headstock cant find info on it anywhere?


off the top of my head I belive it was late 80's,  like 87,88,89,  should have been available with bolt on or neck thru.  


Sebastian v.

ESP Horizon deluxe, i have one of those.


vicki c.

well I can only geas 


From what I have learned those are hard to get definitive id on. I have the slanted stacked neck pickup and humbucker, 3 way switch 1 vol 1 tone and the sinclaire floyd. also has the stamped backplate with serial # and NY Po box. I sent all the information and pics to ESP a year ago and never heard back from them, I guess they don't wanna talk about them. from what i learned on my own I think late 86 or 87 through possibly  92 or so but I'm not for sure. I love mine, somehow got it cheap out of a So Oregon music store and figured they must have thought it was a fake or something to let it go like that. I sure won't! That and my SN Ex-350, which is also a floyd and I was told they only came in oxblood, I have had people call me a liar in the past saying my model doesn't exist but it does. those are my 2 favorite guitars. Lol they won't talk about that one either. ESP please tell me about my guitars! I bought both used and have no history on them but they are great!

(I think my avatar pic has my horizon in it.)


Joseph D

I have one of those


I have one too. ESP Horizon deluxe with 6 digits serial, slanted SH-100 rails and LB-150 humbucker with sinclair floyd and queen's cut on the bolt on join. To my knowledge (ESP had no info about it) these were the first Horizons produced in 1986 and that's probably why we don't see them in catalogs. They are amazing instruments in craftsmanship quality, sound and playability.

Torry L.



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