MI online course sample

MI online course sample

It’s kind of a joke. Not really classes just a guy jamming in videos and a few overly basic  brief lessons that anyone buying a guitar would know. 

William C.

The free content is not there. It’s just a guy jamming guitar in most of the instructional videos. In other words, no real lessons for three months like advertising said. Incomplete classes that do not provide even the basic necessities of playing guitar. 


I’m certain the the ESP company was unaware of MI tactics to try and lure potential students with misleading three months free. That term was used so loosely that I wouldn’t trust buying into mi nor would recommend your organisation to anyone else. 

Nas L.

Debería haber muchos videos como este en youtube.

Wavein O.

Can you share it here with the link?

William C.

As a musician I play guitar, do vocals and can use a drum machine; and am pretty good at those. The guitar is basically the only instrument I play besides minor fluency of the drum machine. Singing and songwriting is what I do mostly. There is always more for everyone to learn and all guitarist are forever in the hunt for perfect mastery. Having said that; I exclusively buy ESP, about one a year on average over the last 4 years now. Seeing this as a bonus to buying I did give it a go (last year in 2022). I was interested in some of the other courses that MI has to offer s well as the  mastery guitar lessons. My goal and endgame was learning some advanced recording and producing techniques.


Well, I was a bit surprised that there was no 3 months free in actuality, just chopped up incomplete courses in various musical studies. Okay, I get it. Make the advanced people see what they can learn and get them to buy into the program. But for folks that are new to guitar I thought that MI would at least give them 3 months free access to basic and/or lower intermediate courses. If it can’t be done in 3 months now you have to pay. But come on, help out some new musicians wanting to learn the guitar. The lack of complete courses in the basics, in my opinion, might be a turn off for new players that buy an LTD or ESP just to learn. The fact that I couldn’t, for 3 months free, take any music production courses was a big minus. Although I buy ESP/LTD exclusively I felt a bit let down. If I wasn’t an ESP guy I would have felt mislead. 


Like I posted above. ESP might not be aware that 3 months free actually means “3 months access to chopped up courses” and a student will not master the basic fundamentals after the 3 months free access. This is due to incomplete courses available. To help fill in the blanks a student could look at the lesson plan in the course and print out/screenshot/write down the areas of study the course covers and then YT/ Tickytocky and/or do internet searches for the remainder of the courses that are incomplete. This will take a lot more time but in the long run it’s worth the research.


Music production, well, I’m still in the same boat. Learning the old fashioned way. Hard knocks… with tons of internet searching. I will say that Udemy and many others out there offer some decent courses at low pricing points. They are kind of incomplete as in you’ll need to stack them to learn. The music production ones are kind of incomplete on their own. They’re cheep enough so it’s not that big of a deal. I did buy inexpensive courses for Music Theory and advanced guitar to see how they stack. They were complete courses but in itself were limited a bit. Kind of overview-like, but complete with printable/pdf viewable accompanying documents. I did learn new guitar techniques and some theory from the courses. But like I said, those would have to be stacked. There were several lessons I breezed through but it was only because I have a good foundation in guitar. Like any music class, you get out of it what you put into it. Practice is key. 


It’s the music industry and from beginner to master most folks just want your money. That’s not a bad thing. Knowledge is power and there are tons of great teachers out there. Find one or take the persons class. You will learn and if not, move onto the next class/teacher.  So I recommend doing your homework and researching All courses and/or teachers and read the relevant reviews first; from worst to best ratings. Learn and understand the difference between jaded reviews and reviews that are legit (usually between 3-4.5 stars). For little to no money anyone can master the basics of a guitar and enter into the advanced areas very easily these days. The Internet is a tool so use it wisely and learn all you can my friends.


And don’t forget about Guitar tabs, this is a useful tool for learning your favorite artists songs. Learning songs should be one of first step in learning the guitar. Keen understanding of another artists scale key and chord progressions is key to using those keys and chords in your own creations. Maybe not in the exact way as the artist you fancy. Main thing to remember is the guitar is a lot fun. Treat it that way and have confidence in yourself! A little time and patience are the key to unlocking a world of musicality that not only is fun but very rewarding.  


Disclaimer: I’m in no way saying that MI cannot teach guitar or any other music course. In fact, I clearly see they have all the tools to teach and probably teach very well to their paying students. I am simply stating my opinion of the 3 months free they have offered ESP buyers. It’s bit misleading by my opinion only. I am also not saying someone wanting to learn should avoid MI. I’m more than certain there is value to their courses and it is probably rewarding for any eager student.

I do highly recommend ESP and LTD guitars. They are some of the best available and a wise purchase. I’ve been buying ESP and LTD guitars since 2004/2005 (my first one was an EC-300-AT semi hollow body) and haven’t bought another brand since. If I was a pro I would try and have my own signature model… based on the Mystique line… perhaps 2; a solid and semi-hollow;-).


So if you’re done reading this… go play, learn, and write some music! Enjoy the ride!


Dominic a.

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William C.

Great insight. Well said. 

Lucy R.

I can't even imagine who needs courses that don't really teach anything. It's a bit of a strange marketing approach, and we are taught not to use such tactics at my college. I learned to play the guitar on my own; my college friend just showed me the basics, and then I practiced a lot. Of course, it takes time and distracts from studying, but it's something you can't do without if you want to achieve something. And to keep up with academic deadlines, the same friend recommended a writing service https://essays.edubirdie.com/marketing-assignment-help, which allows me to spend a little more time on my guitar. In any case, there are plenty of educational videos on YouTube now, so I wouldn't buy the MI online course.

Greg M.

Singing and songwriting is what I do mostly NML. There is always more for everyone to learn and all guitarist are forever in the hunt for perfect mastery. Having said that; I exclusively buy ESP

greg L.

Thanks for this thread!

greg L.

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