2022 New Guitar Prototype Previews

2022 New Guitar Prototype Previews

Hey ESP All Access Community Members,

It's that time of year again. Starting this Friday (November 19, 2021), we'll be sending out weekly email blasts exclusively to ESP All Access members to give you an early heads-up about new guitar models we're planning on introducing in 2022. Use this forum thread to discuss the new prototypes... we welcome your feedback, as always.

  1. If you're a registered ESP All Access member and you don't get the first email blast on or near Friday November 19:
    - Go to "Account Settings" in the top menu and select "Email Lists". Make sure that "Marketing Message" is selected.
    - Check your spam folder just in case.
  2. If you'd like to make sure your friends receive our 2022 New Product Preview emails, just have them register as a member. Here's the link: https://www.espguitars.com/signup

We've got a lot of great new models to show you and we're excited to get rolling on these previews! Thanks, and enjoy.

Christian L.

You need to release some 25.5 inch scale Eclipse models. 

Alejandro  A.

What about a Viper bass (not too expensive) a semihollow guitar (like the hagatrom viking with a bit of a grestch) with passive pickups and a RD would be sweet...

Plz do all your models also for lefty!!!!

You're my favourite brand, but I am a lefty player!!!


I thik that you salud that you wanted tondo all the models for lefty as well, but... I had to ask.

Djerek K.

I love the LTD Deluxe SN-1000HT Fire Blast prototype!  I love seeing 22 frets on a Snapper.  Please make one with a locking trem and stainless steel frets, and Happy New Year!

Thomas D.

So do I, I have the SN-1000 purple version, it's a great guitar

Djerek K.
Thomas D. wrote:

So do I, I have the SN-1000 purple version, it's a great guitar

For me it's only recently that I realized how much I prefer 22 fret guitars for the neck pickup sweet spot.  I dream shop on the Japanese ESP site and on the Ikebe Music site, and it would be so great to see more of those incredibly artistic and beautiful models available in the US.  But in the meantime, seeing a 22 fret Snapper is just awesome.  It would also be great to see one with an HSS or HS pickup layout.

Chris K.

I just bought the Rainbow Crackle Eclipse a month ago. It rocks! Keep making more CTM as well.



Marc O.

No more gloss finish, too expensive to produce I guess.

Super Strat

Hey all! I recently registered and received the latest prototype preview (#7) and was wondering if there's a place to view the previous previews. If not, cam someone fill me in on what I missed? Thank you fellow ESP/LTD lovers!

BTW...I'm new to the forum but have played and owned ESP's since the mid 1980's. Just picked up an LTD H31000 and it's just as good as any ESP I've ever played.

Super Strat

No point in sharing my wishlist for 2022 at this point since the wheels are already in motion but I wish ESP/LTD would stop putting volume knobs so close to the bridge pickup on the M and H series guitars. They've been doing this forever and I don't know many ESP/LTD players doing volume swells. I can usually get around it but have to alter my picking and always worry that my pinky is going to knock into it or turn down my volume. I feel like the location is more of a disadvantage to players like myself rather than any advantage to anyone else..

Gardner G.

Love the most recent sneak peek 

Hekate's flame

LTD Deluxe SN-1000HT in Fire Blast finish 

Looks nice, but I would subtract the Fishman pickups and add passives. I am just waiting for new Eclipse models after all. 


It would be nice if Fender and others would stop putting that knob too close to the bridge pickup.

Steve  B.

Happy New Year, I shall buy my 1st ESP guitar this year 

Kramer G.

You shxt_stains deleted my wishlist.

You lost a customer. 


Are there any new Vs or Arrows coming? Preferably with no Floyd Rose...

Jeff K.


Jeff K. wrote:



Ric S.

With reverse headstock will be killer!


All Alexi colors must return

Brendan Breakdown

Vintage gold satin is a win for the CTM crowd! Looks great

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